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demographic: european demographic growth over 19th creating a surplus population which had trouble finding work and suitable living condition. As a result europeans migrate to colonies and improve their position
political: the powers took control of certain territories due to their geographic location in an age of aggresive conservative nacionalism having colonies provided political pres tige
ideology: racism, a superiority of the white race. It was frequently argued that this gave europeans the right and the obligation of domitate the rest of the humanity
economic: the powers needed cheap raw materials and energy sources to fuel porductions the colonies provided markets to sell their products
colony: setter colonies were the destination of emigration from the parent country/ explotation colonies were primary used to provide resources for export
procreate: the metropole respected the native goverment the occupying power exploited local resources and conttrolled foreing policy
concession: administration and occupation of temytory whit a state for the pourpose of trade
materials: iron and glass / railway located in the middle of te cities,, great pavillons for the universal exivitions
post- vicent van gogh, paul cezanne, paul gauguin // impr- monet, camille pissarro, edouard m

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