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the protagonist extratrrstr sr s 1, s shy, not like yamar the atnción l, so l pro rsulta each 1 bit difficult xk vz c ks in 1 transforms the prsnaj famous.
Your friend gurb: s very difrnt him. DCID s, l do not need anyone xa ac Podr sobrvivir, tien muxo caráctr and has very little character aprcio xk xl dja the end I pulled.
its vcina: s the 1st Mujra jovn with 1 ijo sta sta protagonist sxada.l dya love, PROJ and s intrsa x 1 momnto it.
Joaquin and the snor snor mrcds: ls dl bar where owners will muxol protagonist, the 1st vanesha d sn advanced age and health probl + d. sn very agradabls and Staff.
the xtra blok dl: s the 1st low DINR mujra, hardworking and intnta mantnrl enl ordn and calm building. tien muxo caráctr

Gurb boss decides he has to become someone like him who live on Earth and thus choose to become Gurb Marta Sanchez. Once Gurb leaves gives a few about him, but suddenly stops giving signs of life. The next day the boss decides to go looking for Gurb. The alien goes to the heart of Barcelona where he misses the idea of finding Gurb. Gurb as chief does not know what to do to find her partner, decides to make life a little and take example of them using all their customs.
The protagonist is a regular patron of a bar in the town where he landed and Gurb. There he is befriended by Mrs. Mercedes and Mr. Joaquín.
The alien is making human life but has thrown in drinking and low life. Continue searching Gurb, but only when she remembers. She wishes to make human life has to have a comfortable home, but the only thing missing is a woman. Then he falls for his neighbor and wants to win, do not get it
When the protagonist is already bad reputation among its neighbors and Mr. and Mrs. Mercedes Joaquin told that they no longer can take over the bar and that he would be taken care appears Gurb.
Protagonist arrives a letter under the door, decides to go to that address it says. There occurs a continuation of facts but ultimately manages to find a Gurb. Grub was converted into a prostitute. The tires of extraterrestrial life that has gurb and decides to go with the ship to his planet. Then he spends all the money he had to give presents to people he knew and so I fondly remember what he wanted.
He brings a message from their commanders saying that he sent to another planet awful. Then they decide to take off the ship and they stay on land. They are without money. Gurb watching the situation quickly gets up while hitchhiking car leaving the protagonist run again.

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