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Building consentWhat kind of building permits Do you know? Types of permit proceedings: ¡ preliminary Building permit, ( ▪Location, ▪Form,  ▪Function) ¡ building permit,(By the chart of the order of Government.) ¡ simplified building permit, ¡ demolition permit, ¡ continuance permit, ¡ complex permit, ¡report In which cases is the Authority obliged to visit the building site? The authority Is obliged to visit the building site or the existing building that someone Wants to rebuild. What Are the contents of the permit-request? Request contents: Address ¡Type of the Request, ¡Subject of the Request, ¡Number of Buildings, functional units, ¡Previous  permits of the building or the site; ¡Annexes: §Verification Of the rights of using the property, §Architectural documentation, §Statement of the architect, §Advisory opinion of the planning Committee, ¡Verification Of the payment of the fee; Signatures Building Permit main contents: §Conditions of The permit, §Length of Validity, §Where can the Client, and others inspect the documentation, §Conditions of the start, §Justification of the decision,  What are the two parts of the complex building permit, and what is its Main advantage? This new type Of building permit has two parts:  §The first part is a conceptual, the second Part is a „classical” building permit. §The authority takes a visit at the building site, and Takes a consultation with the special authoritys in 15 days after the start of The proceeding §The authority Gives a special conceptual „frame” permit. §The main advantage of this type is the next: §If the rules will change during the Proceeding, the client is allowed to use the previous rules, that was existing At the time of the conceptual permit.  What is the task and the function of The planning committee? In special cases  Size of the building,  Function of the building,  Location of the building,  ▪… The authority asks for an advisory opinion from the Planning committee about the Architectural value, Assimilation Of the building into the environment. The Authority can make a decision based on the opinion of the committee QUALITY SURVEYOR Define the form Task and role of the quality surveyor! QUALITY SURVEYOR Form individual, (firm) Role – to ensure professionalism by controlling the plans And the construction work – to propose alteration of the plan for the client, If it is technically or financially reasonable – to take part in the hand over Process Tasks and duties – Control of the plans in accordance with the standards and the legal Prescriptions – control of the assignment of the building – to ensure the prosecution of the Prescribed tests (e.G. Soil mechanics) – to control the quality prescribed by The standards – continuous control of the construction logbook – note all Failures (deficiencies and faults) in the construction logbook – controlling Hidden structures and volume of the completed work before getting covered – to Control the conformance of the used materials (CE, etc.) – to control volume of The completed work – to inform the client if the completed work is according to The contract

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