Novelists Novecento (Generation 14)

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Noucentistes Novelists: The objective was to change the individual's moral, which presupposed an aesthetic education.

Pérez Ramón Ayala: Created an experimental novel, concerned primarily with the topic of consciousness, which included unconscious and subconscious aspects. In his narrative used theatrical dialogue and interspersed stories, and tried different ways of approaching the perspectivism. His production of novels can be grouped as follows:

  • Ringtone autobiographical novels: Tetralogy starring Alberto Díaz de Guzmán.
  • Poetic novels "Prometheus", "The Fall of lemons."
  • Novels of universal themes (language, love, sex education, honor): "Belarmino and Apolonio", "Honeymoon, Honeymoon gall."

Gabriel Miró created a powerful novel of lyrical beauty that attracted so much criticism for its alleged excesses as praise for his mastery. In his novels raw emotion, the facts are diluted with impressions that cause fragmentation of the text. In its first stage is dominated by modernist elements, but then evolved into a more critical writing. It was based on innuendo. In his prose abound detailed descriptions of feelings and synesthesia.

Ente his novels are:

  • "Cherries in the cemetery" its main theme is the tragic struggle between man and the hostile reality.
  • "Our Father, Saint Daniel" and "The Leper Bishop": the key issue is time.

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