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The First World War and The Poets: The Poetry of World War One produced some of the most important and influential Work of the twentieth century. One Of the greatest tragedies the world has ever experienced was the First World War. Millions were killed; millions were disabled by hideous wounds, mental Breakdown, and bereavement.

It Was to be a century in which whole nations would suffer and support war and the Destructive power developed by scientists would create death, misery and Brutalisation, on a new and quite astonishing scale. The human race had moved Into the era of scientific savagery.  
The poets played their part in this war as promoters of it, onlookers, soldiers And victims.  And their work includes Some of the greatest poems in the English language.

1.   The First World War was one of mankind's greatest tragedies - and the poets Were those most gifted to express the experience of those traumatic years. Then, brave men rushed to fight for what they saw as a great and honourable Cause,

2.   The experience of the front line war poets was more prolonged and more intense Than for any previous generation of soldiers. Few can be unimpressed by their Suffering, their endurance, by the appalling tragedy which was their lot.

The Poets spoke about human beings caught up in bewildering and shocking events. As human beings They recorded their experiences and moral responses.

3.   Some poets wrote their poetry partly out of anger with the press and the Distorted, pictures the press created of the soldiers' lot.

They Spoke of the problems of modern warfare conducted by "advanced" and "civilised" nations. 

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