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g.tiroidea: tc pertecne, INa123 ,131-RCE: INA131-g.paratiroi: tc-MIBI or g.simpatico-adrenal tetrosf: 123I, 131I-MIBG g.corteza supraren: I131-chol and colest. rest and isotopic ventriculography effort: HSAs red cells with tc-g. in effort: tc with miov, mibi, sextamibi and tetrosfosmina. isotopic ventriculography Step 1: hsa g.miocardica with Tc-Tc-pyrophosphate g.pulmon ventilation: DTPA-perfus tc: tc-maa g.osteoarticular CERs: tc mdp, dpd, hmdp, hdp-g.osteo in 3 phases : tc dpd, hmdp, mdp-isotopic renogr: tc DTPA diuretic MAG3-renogr: tc-MAG3 study tas gam adm captocril: tc DTPA, MAG3-g.renal: tc DMSA-isotopic cistograf: tc-DTPA g.testicular: tc-pertechnetate SPECT cerebral perf: ecd-xa tc valoracion activdd metabolic tumorl: tc g.hepato esplec mibi-sulfur colloid tc tc-Biliary red cells: dizida, Disofenin, mebrofenin with tc-g glad salivary pertechnetate tc-g pnto localize abdominal bleeding: tc-red cells valoracion detection of gastroesophageal reflijos sulphide colloidal tc 50% z orange-inflammation and infection: ga67 citrate, tc-HMPAO labeled leukocyte tumor extension study of stomach, intestines, pancreas .. : osteoscam with IN111-g. Breast: tc-MIBI SLN: tc with sulfur colloid or NCAB.

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