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Asylum seeker:someone who leave his country because political or war,and travels to another country asking for The protection of these goverment and the permission to live there.  Migrants:people that travel to anothe  country in order to find work.  Irregular migrants:they are considered irregular migrants because they:have Lack of documentation,they entry to the country in an ilegal way,they live Ilegaly in the cuntry.

Net migration: emigrans-inmigrants 

 is the difference between the number f inmigrants and the number of Emigrants  if the number of inmigrants is higher than the number of Emigrants a positive net migration rate occurs.  Birth rate:births in 1 Year/total 

population x1000  Death rate:deaths in 1 year/total pupulation x1000

Rate of natural increase:number of births per 1000 people  - number of Deaths per 1000 people 

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