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1.If a table does not have MANDT as part of the primary key, it is.. Client - independent
2. In regard to CALL, which of the following is NOT a valid statement?  Call Program
3. Name the type of ABAP Dictionary table that has these characteristics:
Same number of fields as the database table
Same name as database table

Maps 1:1 to database table
4.An event starts with an event keyword and ends with:
Another event keyword
5. What is the system field for the current date? SY_DATUM
6. The following code indicates:
WHERE fld1 IN sfld1.
Add rows to the existing rows of itab.
7.You may change the following data object as shown below so that it equals 3.14.CONSTANTS: PI type P decimals 2 value '3.1'. PI = '3.14 FALSE
8.The SAP service that ensures data integrity byhandling locking is called: Enqueue/Dequeue
9.Which of these sentences most accurately describes the GET VBAK LATE. event? This event is processed after all occurrences of the GET VBAK event are completed.
10. Which of the following
is not a true statement in regard to a hashed internal table type? Response time for accessing a row depends on the number of entries in the table
11. TO include database-specific SQL statements within an ABAP program, code them between: EXEC SQL_ENDEXEC
12.To measure how long a block of code runs, use ABAPstatement GET RUN TIMEFIELD
14. Given
This will result in: None of the above
15. After a DESCRIBE TABLE statement SY-TFILL will contain:
The number of rows in the internal table.
16. You may declare your own internal table type using the TYPES keyword. TRUE
17. After adding rows to an internal table with COLLECT, you should avoid adding more rows with APPEND. TRUE
18. Which of the following is not a component of control break processing when looping at an internal table? A STAR OF
19. A dictionary table is made available for use within an ABAP program via the TABLES statement. FALSE..creen que false
20. Which of the following would be best for hiding further selection criteria until a function is chosen? CALL SELECTION-SCREEN
21. What must you code in the flow logic to prevent a module from being called unless a field contains a non-initial value (as determined by its data type)? ON INPUT
22. The AT USER-COMMAND event is triggered by functions defined in the:

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