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Continental drift theory:(the movem of continents)(Wegener 1912) according to this theory the continents made of a lighter crust slid over a continuous thicker layer.Evidences:-Palaeolithic evidence:Identical fossils of land-based organisms such as reptiles were found in continents situated far apart,these organis. Could never have crossed the oceans that now separate them.-Geological evid.:Continents fit together along their coastlines&continental shelves,rocks of the same age and structure appear on each side of the line where they were joined.-Paleoclimatic evid:continents which were situated in the south pole pf Pangaea have glacial moraines from the same age.The ocean 4.1The ocean floor:the oceanographic survey ships conducted research by drilling the ocean floor.The data they obtained about the ocean floor provided extensive evidence to support the theory of plate tectonics. -Landforms:maps of the ocean floor have been created using sonar.(-)Mid-ocean ridge: .Enormous mountain range.It has a central channel called rift.(-)Trenches:narrow,deep channels usually found next to continental boundaries or next to volcanic island arcs.-Composition:made up of volcanic rocks that are covered in marine sediment.These rocks are young.

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