Oedipus Rex Characters

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Oedipus: Son of Laius and Jocasta left to die after birth due to a prophecy, heir to the throne of Thebes which unconsciously acquiesce after murdering his own father and king of Thebes at the time, fulfilling the prophecy had predicted years ago an oracle to his father why Oedipus would murder him.
Laius, King of Thebes, father of Oedipus and Jocasta's husband. She left her son Oedipus by an oracle that said he would kill him.
Jocasta: Oedipus Mother, Queen of Thebes, wife of Laius.
Polybus: King of Corinth, and foster father of Oedipus.
Merope: Adoptive mother of Oedipus, Queen of Corinth.
Sphinx: Monster fabulous, her head and chest of a woman, the claws of a lion, the body of a dog, a dragon's tail and wings like birds.
Echidna: Mother of the sphinx was a monster.
Typhon: Father of the sphinx was a monster.
Eteocletes: Son of Oedipus who remained in control of Thebes and Polynices outside.
Polynices: Son of Oedipus eteocletes miss him, he went to argos.
Antigone: Daughter of Oedipus, accompanied him to the end.
Ismene: Daughter of Oedipus, accompanied him to the end.
Tiresias: Theban Magician.
Creon: Brother of Jocasta, who wanted to steal jobs from Oedipus and finally succeeds.
Theseus, King of colonist.
Forbes Polybus Shepherd.
Monte Cithaeron: mountain where Oedipus Laius leaves and finds a pastor Forbes and delivers it to Polybus.
Thebes: The birthplace of Oedipus.
Corinth City Oedipus lives up to the oracle tells him to kill his father and goes from there back to Thebes.
Delphi: City where the oracle.

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