Of Love and Other Demons

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On December 7, the day of Bishop Ambrose, a harrier dog bit four people who crossed him on the road. Three of them were slaves and the other was Mary Servant of All Angels, the only daughter of the Marquis de Casalduero, who had gone with a mulatto servant to market to buy a string of bells to celebrate their twelve years. That same day a shipment of slaves who thought a plague had been contaminated, but it turned out to be the result of poisoning.

Bernarda Cabrera, Servant mother Mary and wife of the Marquis untitled Casalduero was a mixed wild, seductive, rapacious, and consumed much honey parrandera fermented snuff tablets. Had been very clever in the slave trade but now, due to their excesses, the estate where they lived, was in poor condition. Previously, the slave Advent Dominga ruled the house, raised Servant Mary and was the only one with authority to mediate between the Marquis and his wife, but died not long ago and Servant Mary was always with the slaves. For the celebration of his birthday, the slaves of the house they painted their faces black, they hung necklaces of Santeria and he guarded the red hair that had never been cut and rolled with braids.

Servant Mary's body was emaciated, he was timid, pale skin, blue eyes and auburn hair taciturn, he looked like his father and his nature made it seem invisible.

The slave was told to Bernard about the dog bite two days later. She went to check on her daughter and saw the mark on the ankle healed and no more concerned about the issue. The following Sunday, the slave who led a Servant Mary that day, he saw the same dog that bit the girl died of rabies. Bernard did not worry about it, the wound was dry and not told him her husband.

In early January, Sagunta, a wandering India visited the Marquis to tell you about the plague of rabies he had and the people who suffered from this for dog bites, including his daughter. Sagunta claimed to be the sole possessor of the keys of St. Hubert, patron of hunters and a healer of the rabbis. As the marquis, who had no interest in any matter of home unaware of the bite, the laid off without paying attention, but Bernarda confirmed after the fact.

To the Marquis was clear, always thought he loved his daughter but never paid attention, but the fear of rabies forced him to confess that he was deceived himself for comfort. Instead Bernarda was fully aware of not love anything or be matched by Servant Mary and both seemed fair. Much of the hatred that both parents felt for the girl was so she was the one to the other.

Concerned about the evil of anger, the Marquis went to the hospital on the Love of God to see the rabid, who was tied in a deplorable state and consumed by the disease. On leaving the hospital, she met Dr. Abrenuncio, a Jewish scholar doctor stood next to his dead horse. The Marquis invited him to his chariot and asked about the anger and the patient. Abrenuncio recommended that they should kill the patient as good Christians to stop their suffering, because there was no cure, but said some could not get rabies despite the bite.

The Marquis left the doctor at home and when he returned to his estate he ordered his servant, Neptune, pick the horse doctor for burial and asked that gives him his best horse in the barn.

Bernarda enemas applied consolation for their ills and excesses, especially by the fire in his gut. Nothing remained of what was then newly married and when conceived business ventures until he met Judas Iscariot, a slave who bought because they wanted to and liked a lot. Bernarda went crazy for him, bathed in gold chains, rings and bracelets, thought he would die when he learned that he slept with them all, but finally settled for leftovers.

A later, Dominga Advent discovered them making love but forbidden to say something Bernarda. The Marquis, if they knew, it was the other way and Servant Mary was so forgotten, that one day when returning from partying Bernarda, mistook his daughter to another person.

When the Marquis returned from the hospital on the Love of God, was fully determined to take charge of the house, as when Bernard succumbed to their vices and Advent Dominga died, the slaves were infiltrated into the house and had a total lack of control of things . The first thing he did was return the child the bedroom of her grandmother the Marquise, where Bernard had brought to sleep with the slaves.

After the slaves scared dozing and threatened to beat those who return to relieve themselves in the corners or luck and chance play in closed quarters.

Servant Mary balked when her father carried her the bedroom and said to the slaves that she would live at home and not with them. The girl did not answer and looked at his father. The next morning, the Marquis went to check her daughter's room and this had gone to sleep with the slaves by their habit.

The Marquis commissioned Caridad del Cobre, the mulatto woman who accompanied the girl the day the dog bit her, care for the child as if it were Sunday of Advent. Asked him to give reports on the behavior of her daughter and it was unable to pass the fence of thorns that would build between the courtyard of the slaves and the rest of the house.

The next morning, the Marquis was too early for the doctor to examine Abrenuncio to ask her daughter. The doctor was very grateful for the new horse and led him to examine Servant Mary. Bernarda disapproved of the presence of the Jewish doctor, but it was not an impediment to Abrenuncio saw the girl. During the medical examination, she lied constantly and seemed very healthy except for a strange smell of onions. Charity Marquis revealed to the child was delivered in secret to the sciences of the slaves and locked naked in the cellar of onions to destroy the curse of the dog.

Abrenuncio thought the wound was far from the shallow brain and therefore could be free of rabies. The marquis had decided to appeal to the hospital and home care. Meanwhile, the doctor told you to give everything that could make her happy, because there is no medicine that cures what happiness can not cure.


We never knew how he got the Marquis to such a state of neglect before the dog bite to his daughter, or why their marriage remained dysfunctional.

Ignacio, heir, showed no signs of wanting anything or anyone. Grew with signs of mental retardation and their first gave signs of life at 20 years of age when love letters were sent to Dulce Olivia, one of the inmates of the asylum Divina Pastora, adjacent to the estate of the Marquis. That was how the Marquis learned to read and write, but his family would not allow that relationship because they wanted to marry the heir of a grandee of Spain. And was married to Doña Olalla de Mendoza, a very beautiful woman and great talent for music, which remained a virgin not to concede the point of having a child. Doña Olalla and the Marquis did not understand the music, but from the day when Ignacio was set at the Italian theorbo, exercises practiced together under the trees of the garden. On 9 November, the pair were playing a duet under the orange when suddenly a lightning blinded and Doña Olalla struck by the thunderbolt fell.

The marquis ordered queen's funeral and found in the garden a message that was responsible Olivia Dulce by lightning.

The Marquis stole their property, keeping only the mansion with patio minimized and the Trapiche de Mahates, and Advent Dominga gave up her housekeeping. Since then, the slaves feared Marquis murder and ordered him to always keep the lights on.

Dulce Olivia was comforted with memories of what never was and at night she escaped from the Divina Pastora to enter the house, cleaning the halls, accommodating and wash the things I thought that slaves were not doing well. Advent Dominga died without ever knowing why the corridors were cleaner at dawn and why things were elsewhere.

Shortly before the first birthday of the Marquis widow Olivia Dulce discovered in the house and has since resumed a friendship that once seemed forbidden love. They talked until dawn without illusions or spite, as an old married couple, until one of the two said something wrong, Dulce Olivia is angry and disappeared for a long time. She offered to comfort and be your submissive slave, but he vowed never to marry. However, within a year secretly married to Bernard, the daughter of a former foreman of his father who sneak into the rooms after the Marquis and take his virginity, became pregnant.

When Servant born Maria de los Angeles, Dominga Advent vowed, if he survived the difficult birth, not cutting his hair until her wedding night. Bernarda despised her daughter Dominga early and raised her as their religion. The girl was secretive in their movements and therefore, her mother placed a bell to get their movement in the house, but still, he managed to look like a scary ghost and Bernard decided to send to sleep with the slaves.

The day I met Bernard Judas Iscariot, he learned to snuff and chewing coca leaves. Tried cannabis in India, Cyprus turpentine, peyote Real de Catorce and tested at least once the opium of the ship of China.

Judas turned thief, pimp, occasional sodomite, and all for service, because nothing was missing. A bad night was faced with three galleys of the fleet for a fight card and killed him. Bernarda Trapiche took refuge in the house and went adrift, if not wrecked, was on hand Sunday of Advent.

The Marquis heard rumors that he spoke alone, raving in the Trapiche and lived in a state of delirium. Such was his decline that neither the husband when he returned from Mahates recognized, after three years, shortly before the dog bite the child.

In mid-March seemed that the evils of anger had been conjured. The Marquis gave his daughter the happiness treatment recommended by your doctor. Father and daughter went for long walks to see sunsets and the sea. The marquis tried to take over teaching black custom white things in two months than in all his life. Had bought music boxes and dusted his Italian instrument to make music with her daughter.

Dr. Abrenuncio would visit each week and one day heard to complain Bernarda hard by the deterioration of his liver. The doctor said that by September the Marquis die and regret that would have to wait so long.

One day Charity Marquis awoke from his nap to inform you that the child had a fever. Abrenuncio was to examine and suggested waiting to see how they developed fever. The Marquis did not want to delegate their trust to God but to everyone who gave him hope, so the girl underwent multiple treatments from many doctors. After two weeks, Servant Mary had endured two herbal baths and enemas emollients two per day, had been on the verge of dying with natural emetic potions and other filters fatal. Had been through, dizziness, convulsions, spasms, delirium, looseness of the belly and bladder and rolled on the floor howling with pain and fury. Even bolder healers abandoned to their fate until Sagunta reappeared with nontraditional methods. Sagunta stripped of their sheets and ointments daubed Indians to scrub your body with the girl naked. This was resisted despite its weakness, but Sagunta subjected. Bernarda heard the screams insane and seeing what was happening, hit both with the hicos of the hammock.

The bishop of the diocese of Caceres and Don Tonibio Virtues, concerned and alarmed by the situation of Servant Mary, and called the Marquis because he thought his daughter could be possessed by demons and needed to entrust to God, because his body could not have priest, but his soul itself.

The Marquis stopped going to church and being a believer from his first wife died, but the bishop's words made him reflect on the future status of his daughter.

The bishop and Father Cayetano Delaura Abrenuncio claimed that he was a heretic who cursed the girl and her Marquis recommended to take his daughter to the Convent of Santa Clara to exorcise.

When the Marquis returned from his meeting with the bishop, he heard his daughter playing the strings of the theorbo and sing the song he had taught her, but when he entered her room the girl became ill. The Marquis spent the night in vigil at the bedside of her daughter and the next morning, he was determined to take her to the convent. The girl wore a dress that belonged to Bernard in his youth and made her look like a queen, he prepared a suitcase and took the girl to the convent of Santa Clara.

The nuns took her away without giving them time to be fired and the last memory she had of her was when she crossed the garden gallery by dragging the injured foot.


The convent of Santa Clara was a square oceanfront three floors with many windows. He was 80 nuns, all services and 36 native of the great families of the viceroyalty.

At the end of all the convent, as far as possible and left, there was a lone flag for 68 years served in prison to the Inquisition. It was in the last cell in that corner where Mary Servant locked at 93 days of being bitten by dogs and without any symptoms of rabies.

The novices who were guarding Servant Mary on arrival, were interested in their rings and necklaces of Santeria, but when they tried to remove them, she squirmed and bit the hand of one of them. Shortly afterwards spent two black slaves who recognized the necklace and spoke in Yoruba language. Mary servant replied, told them her slave name, Maria Mandinga and went with them to the kitchen where he helped kill a kid and played with children and adults slaves.

The abbess, Josefa Miranda, the clergy resented the bishop of multiple injustices committed in the past against his diocese, was upset by the presence of the demonic child that no one had seen yet, as Servant Mary had gone unnoticed on their first day in convent, as if invisible.

The next morning Servant Mary discovered her singing and the slaves by force, was taken to his cell.

Since then nothing happened that was not attributed to the curse of Mary Servant. Several nights stated for the record that the girl was flying with transparent wings that omitted a great buzz. One day, the nuns tried to take Santeria collars, but defended Mary Servant strength, jumped out the window and ruffled the hives of bees and barn animals. Took two days to reassemble the animals.

Never was so agitated and then free convent life. Nuns had runners who played Spanish deck, loaded dice and drank less liquor in cells designed. A devilish girl in the convent had the fascination of an adventure novel.

Some nuns in groups of two or three, escaped by night to talk with Servant Mary, and on one occasion, stripped of their collars, but after one day, one of them fell down the stairs and fractured his skull . No nun if you do not feel safe returning their collars, so he returned them.

To the Marquis were days of mourning, had regretted having admitted to his daughter. In his anxiety, he visited Abrenuncio to tell what he had done and he advised him to take her out of the convent as soon as possible, because the exorcisms were equal to or worse than the Santeria of slaves and the girl was now a prisoner.

The Marquis wrote a letter to the bishop requesting a hearing to discuss the case.

The bishop was notified that Servant Mary was ready to begin the exorcism. Father Cayetano Delaura was very intrigued with the case, he had dreamed Servant Mary was sitting in front of a snowy field eating grapes and grapes represented the last death. The strangest thing is that for Delaura snowfield was Salamanca when it snowed for three consecutive days and lambs suffocated by the snow. The bishop offered to take over the case, but Delaura not willing to accept because he expected the post of librarian at the Vatican. All his life he had wanted to be librarian Delaura read a lot and was responsible for reading the Bishop and his library.

His original destination had been traveling to the Yucatan, but the ship failed to arrive and after a year of being in Cartagena de Indias and the arrival of the Bishop of Caceres, remained there as his protege.

The bishop insisted that Delaura take the case, since success it could represent an accurate input to the position he longed for the Vatican.

That was how the Holy Spirit Alcino Cayetano and Escudero Delaura, at 36 years old, entered the life of Mary Servant and was part of the history of the city.

The next day, Cayetano Delaura went to the convent of Santa Clara with all the weapons to deal with the devil (holy water and sacramental oils). The abbess told him that the girl's presence had caused the flowers grow and demonstrating different constant supernatural events. Delaura replied that it was very tricky things to attribute to the devil unexplained.

Before reaching the cell Servant Mary, passed through the cell Martina Laborde, a former nun sentenced to life imprisonment for killing his two companions with a knife. Bring with them 11 years and was best known for his unsuccessful attempts to escape than for his crime.

Upon entering the cell Servant Mary Delaura noticed a smell of rottenness because feces strewn girls. She lay face up on the bed without a mattress, tied from head to foot with leather straps. Delaura thought that if the girl was not possessed, the atmosphere was conducive to be. Cayetano examined the child and was shocked to see the wound in the ankle by bungling suppurative healers. While reviewing told him that his presence there was to torment but by the suspicion that had a demon inside. Servant looked neither Mary nor complained nor interested in his preaching.

Cayetano returned to visit Servant Mary the following Monday, but she received him with an evil scowl and his cell stank even more. When Delaura dared to unleash it, Servant Mary was up as a fierce and bit his hand. Cayetano was able to put a rosary around her neck to try to defend the attack.

On the other hand, Martina Laborde did not find the least resistance Servant Mary. It was as if the soul of Advent Dominga had entered the cell of the girl when Martina smiled. The two struck up a friendship and promised to see together the total solar eclipse would have on Monday.

On Sunday, after Mass, Delaura Servant Mary took him to a basket of candy. She discovered that Cayetano had his hand bandaged and he said that a rabid dog with a red tail more than a meter had been bitten. Servant Mary touched his wound, I laughed for the first time and claimed to be more bad than the plague. Before leaving the convent Delaura made a formal protest by the bad food of the inmates and the conditions they had to Servant Mary.

That same night, Cayetano Servant believed to have seen Mary in the library of the bishop, dressed in his prison robe with her hair of fire, placing a newborn harmonization of gardenias in the vase from the inn. Gracilazo recited a phrase, "I was born for you, for you I have a life and you die." He closed his eyes to make sure that it was a trick of the shadows and when he opened the vision was gone but the library was saturated by the smell of gardenias.


Father Cayetano and Bishop admired together the eclipse, but Delaura injured an eye for looking at him directly. Cayetano said the bishop did not believe that Mary was possessed Servant and attributed the accusations in the minutes of the nuns to their lack of understanding and closeness. The bishop asked to continue despite doubts about demonic possession.

The next day Mary Servant Cayetano said he knew he would die soon because Martina Laborde it claimed. Delaura comforted her tears with palliative confessionals, and it was then realized that Delaura Servant Mary was his exorcist and not your doctor. Cayetano told him that he helped because he loved her very much.

Output, the father drew attention to Martina to frighten Servant Mary, but she never said die and understood that Mary Servant lied about it, as it always had. However Delaura realized he was scared and had created a funereal atmosphere around him.

Bishop Cayetano handed a letter from the abbess, where he complained about the protection of Servant Mary and the arrogance with which he behaved Cayetano. Delaura became upset and said that if someone was possessed was the abbess. Bishop rebuked him for having committed any excess while expressing his understanding, but he let go of the nostalgia that always lurked since beginning his age and forgot the matter.

Later this month arrived in Cartagena de las Indias new viceroy, Don Rodrigo de Buen Lozano, and his entourage. The viceroy had some relationship to the Abbess and asked to stay in the convent. It was almost a teenager, active and a little wayward in the convent. There was no corner that did not register or anything good that would not improve. The abbess tried to prevent the cell closer to the Servant Mary, but this only added more to his curiosity. As soon as I saw Martina Laborde fell at his feet to grant him forgiveness. The viceroy was fascinated when he saw Mary Servant sewing in a corner and became the purpose of redemption.

During a dinner with the governor and the viceroy, the viceroy presented Servant Mary, who looked like a queen's dress Bernarda. The viceroy could not believe she was possessed and entrusted it to their doctors, who agreed with Abrenuncio they had no symptoms of rabies and was very likely no longer contracted, but no one was authorized to doubt his demonic possession .

The Viceroy visited the bishop to discuss your plans to rule and especially talk about Servant Mary. The bishop said that the girl was in good hands. The Viceroy refused clemency for Martina because it seemed a bad precedent for other inmates.

The next day, the bishop decided that Mary Servant remain in the convent but in better conditions and not under the prison regime. Delaura also delegated to him freedom of action and asked to visit the Marquis.

Cayetano happily rushed to the convent and was a portrait painter of Servant Mary dressed as a queen, with her hair down to his feet, exuding an extraordinary light, standing on a cloud in the middle of a court of demons submissive. Delaura fell in ecstasy with the vision of a girl who had become a woman.

Mary Servant narrated a dream he had, which was the same dream that Cayetano had before meeting. Before finishing the story, Mary Servant Delaura confessed being scared but promised he would soon be free and happy by the grace of the Holy Spirit.

On the other hand, Bernarda was not aware of the absence of his daughter until one day confused with Servant Olivia Dulce Maria in one of his hallucinations. The Marquis told him the situation and Bernarda, despite having always hated, was comforted to learn that her daughter was still alive. The next day Bernard left the house with their belongings and money, the marquis knew then it was forever.

Delaura visited the Marquis, who lay alone in the hammock, to say he was responsible for her daughter's health. The Marquis's bedroom showed Servant Mary, the suitcase he had prepared the day I left the convent and asked him to take her daughter. Also asked to visit a Abrenuncio to discuss the health of Mary Servant.

Although Delaura Abrenuncio knew he was wanted by the Inquisition came to visit. Abrenuncio gladly attended to him and showed him his extensive library. Cayetano was amazed by the numerous books and especially because he found the four books of Amadis of Gaul, the book banned confiscated the rector of the seminary at 12 years of age. Both spoke about Mary Servant. Abrenuncio said she was not possessed by the devil and made him see Delaura he was there because he wanted to talk about it. Cayetano felt exposed and hurried to leave. The doctor gave him medicine to cure his eye hurt by the eclipse.

From there, Delaura went to the convent to see Servant Mary, gave him the suitcase that sent her father and she was received with great contempt, because I hated it and would rather be dead first before seeing him again. Then Servant Mary became fanatic, began to spit and spit green slime. Delaura tolerate their spit, put the other cheek and prayed with devotion, but only managed to bring to Martina girl with her heavenly ways. Cayetano fled and locked himself in the library to read, took the belongings of Mary Servant of the suitcase, the desire sniffed, loved and talked with them obscenely until he could no more. Then he stripped the torso and began to flog an insatiable hatred. The bishop, who had been withheld from him, found him wallowing in a quagmire of blood and tears. Delaura only said it was the devil himself, the most terrible of all.


Cayetano confessed his desire and all that had happened. The bishop stripped it of your parcels and privileges and ordered him to serve as nurse of lepers in the hospital on the Love of God. Dignitaries of the diocese interceded for Cayetano, but the bishop did not give in keeping hidden the reasons for its decision.

Martina had taken over Servant Mary with great devotion and asked him to let him talk to his demons to leave the convent in exchange for his soul. Mary Servant listed six Martina demons and identified one as an African devil ever had harassed the home of his parents.

For his part, Cayetano had submitted humbly infamous hospital conditions.

The first Tuesday of penance, Abrenuncio Cayetano met and tried to convince him to go and visit him at his house to talk. It also gave him a book of Philosophical Letters in Latin. Cayetano, amazed by the kindness of the doctor, secretly promised to visit him someday.

One night, by a strange inspiration, Delaura escaped from the hospital to visit Mary Servant. He struggled to get in but a leper hospital had told him the right path through a tunnel that was sealed.

At first, Servant Mary resisted, but eventually talked happily for two hours. Delaura visit again the following night and between verses and poems were falling in love and kissing, but always remained untouched because he wanted to keep their chastity until the day they were free to marry. Cayetano claimed to be able to do anything for her and Servant Mary proved with child cruelty constantly.

Servant Mary kept her room set up as a woman awaiting her husband and stayed with her Cayetano until dawn. Early one morning, while the couple slept, the keeper came to the breakfast Servant Mary, but left without seeing Delaura, who had become just as invisible as his beloved.

Servant Mary gave him the beautiful necklace and Cayetano Oddúa taught him to read, write and worship of the cult of the Holy Spirit, waiting for the day were free and married.

Servant Mary Cayetano asked them to escape together, but he refused to wait properly due the day of exorcism and deliverance.

At dawn on April 27 began the exorcism of Mary Servant without notice. Dragged her away to the trough, the washed with buckets, stripped to pulling their collars, they put the nightgown brutal of heretics and cut off his hair to the nape of the neck. Finally they put a strait jacket and then covered with a cloth to take to the funeral chapel. The bishop had called prebendaries clarified the Ecclesiastical Cabildo to assist him in the process. Servant Mary, beside himself with terror cried at the words and prayers of the bishop. The bishop suffered an asthma attack, as was common in their health, and the ceremony ended with a colossal crash.

Cayetano found Servant Mary that night shivering with fever in a straitjacket and angered him most was that he left his bald skull. Mary servant told the ordeal in the chapel and wanted to die. Delaura tried to comfort her and placed the necklace he had given the absence of others.

The next day, an old priest class known as the father impressive Thomas Aquinas de Narvaez, a former prosecutor of the Inquisition in Seville and pastor of the slave quarter, chosen by the bishop to replace him in the exorcism, he returned to Mary Servant their collars and spoke in Yoruba language. She felt confidence in him and nobody seemed to understand best done with Servant Mary and more reason to confront his demons.

Mary servant instantly recognized him as an archangel of salvation and he was right. After explaining about demons and correct to the abbess of the proceedings, the father promised he would his utmost to make it a matter of days, and hopefully of hours.

The next day, in the church of Father Aquino, could not officiate at the Mass because the father had disappeared. At eight, she went to get service from the well water and there was Father Aquino, floating face up with the shims that are left put to sleep. It was a sad death, heartfelt and a mystery that was never clarified, and that the abbess proclaimed strict test of the curse of the devil against their convent.

The news reached Mary Servant cell that was waiting for the father with innocent enthusiasm. Cayetano was unable to explain who he was, but he conveyed his gratitude and trust for him. Until then I had thought that love was enough for them to be happy but it was Mary Servant who realized that freedom just depended on them. One morning, after long hours of kissing, Delaura begged not to go, but he took it lightly and said goodbye, then she jumped out of bed determined to go with him to take refuge with him in San Basilio de Palenque , a village of escaped slaves to twelve miles, which would be met, no doubt, like a queen. A Cayetano seemed a providential idea but relied more on legal formalities. So when Mary Servant put at the crossroads to stay or to take it, Delaura tried to get away from it and escaped.

Servant Mary's reaction was fierce, with bar was shut and threatened to set fire to the cell and incinerated in it if did not let go. Set fire to the mattress but their modes Martina intervened and prevented the tragedy sedatives.

Servant anxiety Cayetano Mary hastened to find an immediate appeal than the run so he tried twice to see the Marquis, but without success.

Meanwhile, the Marquis, in his loneliness, was called back to Sweet Olivia, who appeared after a while and blamed the loss of Mary Servant, ensuring that the son of the bishop, referring to Cayetano, had emputecida and undertake to daughter, according Sagunta versions. It was the final ever, the Marquis felt lacked both air and fight again. The version of Sweet Olivia, confirmed and perverted by Sagunta was in effect, Servant Mary was abducted in the convent to quench the appetites Satanic Delaura Cayetano and had conceived a child with two heads.

The Marquis did not never recovered and was defeated by the longing to find the Trapiche Bernarda. Both expressed hatred they thought they had felt for one another and Bernarda confessed that her father sent to deceive and rape in order to get pregnant, and then kill him.

They stood in silence watching the sun and the Marquis knew he had nothing to thank him he rose leisurely and went where he had been without a goodbye.

The only thing you found it, two summers later, in a path without direction, his remains were eaten by vultures.

One day Martina Laborde had escaped from the convent. The only news was it was a paper written for Mary Servant said he would pray three times a day to be happy.

The abbess claimed they were accomplices and Servant Mary said they were six and had escaped by the terrace with bat wings.

The nuns saw the convent and found the entrance to Mason why Cayetano entered and immediately sealed at both ends. Servant Mary was moved to force a cell to lock on the flag of the buried alive.

That night, Cayetano broke his fists trying to knock down the wall of the tunnel. Snatched by a mad force ran for the Marquis, but found Olivia Dulce angry that he refused to take it with him and threatened to throw the dogs but was leaving.

On Tuesday, when Abrenuncio went to the hospital, she shared her frustration, the real reasons for his casstigo and the nights of love in the cell. Abrenuncio was puzzled and tried to dissuade him, but Cayetano did not hear him and ran to the convent in broad daylight, by the back door, convinced to be invisible by the power of prayer. Went upstairs, passed by the new cell Servant Mary without realizing it, and tried to reach the cell of his beloved, but the nuns Cayetano was discovered and made available to the Holy Office and convicted at trial of square public suspicion of heresy, leading to popular unrest and disputes within the Church. Served his sentence as a nurse in the hospital on the Love of God, where he lived many years in collusion with their sick, eating and sleeping with them on the floor, but got his big yearning confessed contract leprosy.

Servant Maria had waited in vain. Three days later she stopped eating in an explosion of defiance that aggravated the signs of possession. The bishop summed the energy exorcisms inconceivable in their condition and age. Servant Mary faced with a ferocity satanic, speaking in tongues or infernal howling of birds. The second day the earth shook and there was no doubt that Mary was at the mercy Servant of all demons. Back to the cell he was given an enema of holy water to drive out the demons of her womb.

The harassment continued for three days. Although he had a week without eating, Servant Mary could defend itself with force and impact.

Servant Mary did not understand what was never Delaura Cayetano, why not again until 29 May, breathless for more, again with the window dreaming of snowy field, where Cayetano was neither ever be again. In her lap a bunch of golden grapes returning to sprout as soon as you eat them, but this time booted in pairs to beat the bunch until the last grape. The keeper came to prepare for the sixth session of exorcism of love found dead in bed with sparkling eyes and the skin of newborn. Her hair flowed and he seemed to grow.


SERVANT MARY: Main character. Grows with the traditions of Yoruba slaves despite being the daughter of a marquis. He behaved like slaves, used to lie always overlooked and knew their languages and traditions. His personality is energetic, tormented and dark, but beneath the appearance of demonic force and there was a frightened girl who wanted to be happy and free.

CAYETANO DeLauro: Main character. Priest worship and a passion for reading. It has a strange connection with Servant Mary since before I met her and despite his habit, falling in love with her. However, never stop believing in the institution of the church and the formality, which lead him to his ruin and his beloved.

MARQUIS: Supporting character. Father of Mary Servant. Good man of weak character, fearful and apathetic.

BERNARD: Supporting character. Servant Mother Mary, but he always hated and feared for his ghostly presence. Wearing life of debauchery. Never loved the Marquis and married him for his money. Crafty slave for business but the services delivered.

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