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3. Finance resources can enhance the influence over congress because money enables interest groups to be able to campaign. Also able to make monetary contributes buy advertisement on tv and also employing a large amount of staff. More people to be able to promote, more opportunities to lobby and able to contribute to campaigns.
Secondly Expertise also influenced as congress will Pay attention to them and to pretty much anything that the members are saying with respect. If their seen as experts they might exceed their credibility. They can also influence directly.
Size enhances influence because the larger groups, they can more easily deliver votes and other resources. The larger the group the greater the potential for fundraising and any sorts of contributions to the campaign, being able to influence members of the congress. Congress has regulated several different influences of interest groups. Two especially which appear clearer. One of them is Limitations on independent expenditures, this would would stop all advertising to expand the influence to vote for a candidate.
Further more restrictions on former members of congress is also an influence they have cut, for this their was a cooling-off period before the former member can lobby congress.

4. Balanced budget is one that has an equal amount of federal revenues and federal expenditures. Federal entitlements are payments by the federal government to groups or individuals that is mandatory according to the governments own criteria. entitlement which I will use is social security. Entitlements are a barrier to federal government achieving a balanced budget in that the government would be breaking their own laws by cutting their budget. An entitlement is basically a promise of money that the government cannot go back on its a permanent addition to federal expenditures. A consequence of a large budget deficit is where the federal expenditures outweigh the money taken in thought the federal revenues. When this deficit is large, it destroys the country ability to make more policies, as they would be too busy as it has already been implemented and overdrawn on. 

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