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Wealthy tourists are now willing to spend More time on the tour, like to relax in the tourism and enjoy life.

Such as the destination in China, a city of Sanya.

First on the plane customers can enjoy First class flights.

Hotel We offer luxurious five-star hotel in The city center. Then people can taste different foods and local tastes.

High-level spa services are available Daily. Can relax the body.

Guests want to visit the attractions can Not wait. We can buy tickets for the guests.

We offer a private beach and swimming pool. Guests can enjoy the sunshine quietly. And a clean swimming pool.

Daily offers of different types of seafood And fresh fruit.

There are many brands of shopping malls Here. You can go shopping malls. Will provide vip service. Or on the web. Delivery home.

Provide advanced afternoon tea.

Sanya has a lot of diving places. Guests Can dive to watch the fish and sea plants in the sea. Is very beautiful. Dive When providing a personal trainer. To ensure safe and comfortable.

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