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Permission:Can,May / Request: could,would,will / Confirmation:Shall 1stperson/ Possibility:might,may,could/ Deduction:can't have,must have/ Offer: will/ Obligation: must,have to/ Prohibition: must not, can't/  Choice: can, could/ Suggestion: should, shouldn't, ought to, ought not to / Ability: can, can't, could, could not// Idioms: he's got his wires wires crossed: he misunderstood/ We're on the same wavelength: we agree with each other/ No news is good news: when there isn't news, it's good because there isn't bad news// That's news to me: Something new that uou haven't heard before/ break the news: to tell someone bad news/ When you are in Rome, do as the... : when you are in a new place you have to behave as local people/As american as apple pie: when things aren't similiars// Phrasal verbs: get by:defenderse(lengua), arreglarselas/ get across: comunicar,hacer entender,atravesar/ get through: comunicarse/ pick up:recoger/ plug in:enchufar / log into:acceder a/ turn on: encender/ cut off: cortar el suministro/ turn up:subir el volumen/ turn down: bajar volumen o rechazar/switch off: apagar,perder la atencion/ take up: empezar a pract./ cut in:interrumpirse./ pass down on: transmitir ,pasar(mensaje)

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