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71)Me:NSNSN;My brother:SSNSN;My mum:NSSNS;My dad:SNSSN.

1.Her mum and sister;2.New;3.The school;4.By bus; 5.On Sunday

1.Bristol,2.Her mum and her sister,3.Six,4.In the wardrobe,5.There is a computer and a printer,6.Posters,7.No she has not,8.Yes,9.The bus stop is opposite the her house,10.She likes shopping and have lunch in a cafe.

1.Water the plants,2.Sportscentre,3.Museum,4.Picture,5.Turn right,6.Printer,7.Empty the bin,8.Kitchen,9.Clean the window,10.Turn left.

1.The dinner,2.Emptied the,3.Tidied the,4.The plants,5.Cleaned the,6.My mum cleaned the window,7.My dad washes the dishes,8.My brother walked the dog,9.My sister tidied the bedroom,10.I emptied the bin.

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