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A static bed-extractors:
USES: Extraction of sugar beet. Coffee decaffeination, extraction of essential oils from herbs
Extraction of oils. Getting jelly from the fruit pectic fraction
Solvent water, hexane, heptane, ether, chloroform, benzene, ethanol
*** Static bed extractors:
1 - simple contact: discontinuous operation simple and consist of a double bottom tank, the solid is placed in the double bottom, the liquid spray is distributed on the solid and falls by gravity, the solvent with the solute is extracted drainage and is recirculated, is used on a small scale
2 - Multiple contact: are several pieces of equipment connected in series above, between different units are placed heaters that favor the extraction used for extraction of coffee and tea, oils and sugar beet.
*** Moving bed extractor:
1 - Bolmann extractor is like a wheel with several baskets placed inside an airtight container subjected to steam, is placed in baskets solute and solvent is introduced by showers, extracting the solute and solvent e bottom.
2 - Rotocel extractor is a cylindrical tank divided inside by a slowly rotating q cells, outside is a fixed tank, gets the solid and the liquid is sprayed before dropping the solid, is used for the extraction of oil and sugar beet
3. Extractor Hildebrant are two vertical cylindrical towers one higher than the other connected at the base by short horizontal cylinder within the towers is a worm with perforated fins shorter cylinder for charging the solid that is carried by the screws endless and the highest tower is check solvent flowing counter is used for the extraction of soy flakes and to extract the sugar beet.
*** EXTRACTORS supercritical fluid, is a new technique applies to solid and liquid solvent is used as q substances under normal pressure and T th are gases and T th and higher pressure are supercritical fluids. In these circumstances it is not possible to distinguish whether the fluid is in liquid or gaseous phase, characterized by fluid having a high density due to absence of surface tension and low viscosity. Compound + used is CO2 because it has the following characteristics: be inert, not toxic, flammable or corrosive, being cheap and submit properties supercritical conditions of pressure and T ª soft The equipment consists of an extraction tank where they are maintained supercritical conditions and a lower pressure expansion tank, the material to be extracted is placed in the tank of supercritical fluid extraction and placed in the extractor, the dissolved compounds are separated from the gas that is liquefied by cooling and then the gas is pressurized supercritical conditions before moving back to the extractor. Uses: The removal of cholesterol and triglycerides in eggs, and milk fat, decaffeination of coffee, for the production of concentrated hops for brewing, eliminating the bitter taste. Disadvantages: expensive facilities

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