On the banks of Rosalía de Castro Sar

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The main feature of this collection Castilian Rosalía de Castro is strictly intimate nature, for in it the look of the author becomes almost exclusively inward toward his own mind, the outside world almost disappears or is reduced merely to be a term reference or comparison to the self, so that nature, the environment, the world in general, will serve to confirm his irremediable loneliness, decadence, populated only by memories, nostalgia and pain, all that is melancholy romantic. Subjectivism and melancholy that is completed by the gloomy vision of the world, from the perspective of a troubled spirit and hopeless. In vain attempts to reestablish contact with his youth by writing retreats in itself to not increase their bitterness.

  • Briefly describe the main stanzas metrics or combinations of Sar on the shores of Rosalia de Castro.

Despite their general lack of interest in rhyme (usually assonance), Rosalie had the

willingness to innovate metrically and rhythmically, to the extent that some of their original combinations were developed extensively in the later symbolist and modernist poetry. Be taken into account

a) the student will remember some of the meters and most innovative combinations strophic: the verse or octodecasílabo eighteen syllables, the syllables or hexadecasílabo sixteen, also uses the Alexandrine verse (fourteen syllables), as well as combinations of verses of eight and ten syllables, twelve and ten, eleven and eight.

b) You are not interested in the verses structurally fixed or conventional, but,

usually reworked classic verses or created new ones, since, often in traditional forms, broken foot or combinations of lesser art songs. Used also the Ametria, or a combination of different verses as advertised free verse, without measure, without accents and rhyme assonance.

Also be assessed, with 0.50 points, to stipulate that, in this regard (among

other) has been considered the poetry of Rosalia as a precedent of free verse of the XX and XXI centuries.

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