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Logical picture

Prolepsis: The figure presents a rebuttal to advance arguments. Example: "do not come to my defense witnesses can be bought with money, favor or authority"

Paradox: The figure presents a sharp contrast, not contradictory. Example: "... what is admirable is to see two men who had not perhaps born, when I suffered for their country, making charges of disqualification to be a senator, after sending in the Republic, politically and militarily ... "
It is based on the union of opposing ideas.
"I live without living in me
I hope so high life
I die of not dying "
Santa Teresa de Jesus (Spanish)

Grading: The placement of phrases in an ascending or descending from the logical point of view, so als ideas appear firmly chained.
Example: "Santa Marta before he got Morillo, was subjected to reason, and without this support, Morillo not have taken to Cartagena and the capital would have escaped his destructive scythe"

Communication: It consists in addressing the audience, questioning, for then he gives the same answer. Example: "Without the betrayal of Pasto Morillo had succeeded? Had they seen the atrocities that continued for three years afflicted this unfortunate land? No, gentlemen. "

Omission: It consists in a scheme in which, pretending discretion, it says something clearly and indiscretion. Example: "If I were your friend, tell everyone that he is the one who stole the safe, but will not say never, I realize this would be sorry one day"

Hesitation: It is a figure which expresses puzzlement and even inability to articulate something. Example: "No more able than I to address you, but overcoming my natural shyness, I dare to do, pushing the enthusiasm I have."

Mitigation: This is a very meaningful way for saying little. It is defined also as not express all that is meant to imply, without thereby ceases to be well understood the intention of the speaker. Example: Just moved jobs Christ on Calvary.

Irony: It consists of implying the opposite of what is said. Example: "He has some value, as they usually hunt lions."

Amplification: This consists of presenting an idea from several points of view. It is defined also as development that is given to an idea, explained in several ways or listing points or circumstances that relate to it, make it more effective to move or persuade. Example: The progress of the world is certain, judged from the standpoint of material, if looked at from the moral, there will be many who deem it inferior to other centuries, but when considered from a social perspective, the discussion grows and away the chances of reaching an agreement.

Conmiración: Expresses the hope that evil will fall to the other. Example: Do not find a lap, When I'm tired.

Interjection: It reveals a violent emotion and is always expressed by vocative.
Example: - Oh surprise! Ah, how many of these arguments is a lie!

It consists of breaking the thread of discourse to relieve the mind intensely agitated.

"At age forty, I wanted to reread favorite authors of my youth, Oh what pain! That disappointment! Chateaubriand, so thought-provoking! (...) The head knew overcome yet to taste (...)

Hyperbole: exaggeration of what is spoken.
Example: All the people know I'm innocent.

Interrogation: It is the figure that is worth some authors to express indirectly the claim and to give more force to what is said. Example: Tomorrow when I leave, how my heart go? Ponder is not for answers, but in saying for more emphasis.

"Who has not felt some remorse at your di empire, dark night? Who did not make you a noble oath? Who has not broken with the light of day? Jorge Marmol (Argentina).

Pomposity: It consists in attributing to inanimate qualities or challenges of the trendy, or the human being irrational. Example: rosy-fingered Aurora.

Ostentation is to put one thing to witness to God, or any person or thing. Example: God knows I am innocent.

Dialogism: Appears when you speak directly to the characters of a story.

Reluctance: It consists in leaving a sentence incomplete, more emphasis on what is silenced what it says. Example: Are you talking to Paul, how about actually knew him.

Pathetic figure

Supplication: It consists in using prayer to an end. Example: Justice severe and straight is what I beg. It involves prayer and fervent desire that something be done.

"Get me out of this death,
my God, give me life;
do not keep me
in this bond so strong.
Look to see you die,
and do not want to live without you
I hope so high life
I die because they do not die. "
Santa Teresa de Jesus (Spain)

Curse: It consists in expressing the strong wish that someone will suffer harm. Example: What comes after public outcry to confuse justice.
Calls for the misfortune to fall on someone or something.

"Break the sky, a thousand beams on, and with dreadful fear falling in horrid crash are shatter" Fernando de Herrera (Spanish)

Execration: Consists of condemning or cursing with priestly authority or on behalf of sacred things, someone or something. Example: supreme God whose face can not hide a man's heart, Almighty and lift up your arm over my head dischargeable.

Demonstrates passion to such a degree, culminating in wishing evil for himself.

"The day perish wherein I was born that day in darkness become not God do it from the top, or light is lit."

Impossible is to assume that it needs something impossible for something specific occurs. Example: Perish me at this very moment, perish a thousand times, if I serve as fuel to become distressed to see my beloved Mary.

Apostrophe: consists of interrupting the thread of his discourse to address, in the second person, someone present or absent. Example: I was in the kitchen, right John?, When things happened.


Comparison or simile: a comparison between an object, fact or quality, well-known to other beings. Example: I had a long neck like an ostrich.

Metaphor: It consists in the substitution of one word for another based on their similarity of meaning, this similarity is possible because the two terms share a common semantic feature, either the form, function, matter, etc. Example: blue walls, waves, Africa come and go.

Metonymy: substitution consists of one word for another based on temporal or spatial continuity (or any part at all) existing, ie that already exists in reality, while the metaphor is just setting the ratio of poet.

Impersonation: It consists of attributing human qualities to inanimate objects. In a forgotten glass flower collapses. Example. The city was pink and smiled sweetly.

Hyperbole: It consists in exaggerating the properties of a body or matter determined. Example: Each shoe might be so grave a philistine.

Hyperbaton: Is to alter the logical order of words in a sentence. Example: winged horse is moving toward us. Example: With Minaya Jimena Valencia reach and daughters.

Anaphora: It consists in repeating the same word at the beginning of different sentences. Example: The girl does not laugh. She does not cry.

Figure of speech that repeats one or more words at the beginning of each verse or clause.

"As waves of light to kiss
flutter, lit;
As the sun the torn clouds
of fire and gold;
As the air perfumes in her lap lead and harmony;
While there is spring in the world
There will be poetry! "

Polysyndeton: Is to repeat a conjunction for added strength to the expression. Example: I do not want the house or the wheel of silver.

"I hear are cars and guns
and voices and drums.
Did not spot a flash of infantry and cavalry
and dust and smoke, and gleam of steel?

Alliteration: It consists in repeating the same or similar sounds in different words. Example: The princess is sad. The princess is pale (...) The princess is pale. The princess is sad. It combines the same or similar sounds within a verse, sentence or clause.

"... The brief flight of a green veil" ... The greedy glogloteo of seagulls "

Epithet: It consists in the use of specific adjectives, so that each is an accurate description. Example: light wings.

Allegory: means holding in a speech several complementary metaphors, thus creating two senses: one literal and one figurative.

Pun Gives special meanings to words that have the same sound or join in the speech chain. Example: This is a count?, Yes, hide quality and money.

Circumlocution: the idea is presented not directly but in a roundabout way. Example: for our iniquities you who took the form of man ... (Jesus Christ).


Are those that are created to find ideas as an essential element.


Antithesis: It is based on the contradiction of terms. "The lanterns were lit and the crickets" Garcia Lorca (Spanish).

Simile: or comparison establishes similarities between the object to be named and the named object. "The tree is home to the birds and the roof of the Tramp"

Picturesque: The colorful figures describe, through elaborate forms of expression, an object, landscape,.


Topography: If you describe a place.

"When choosing a tendon land snaking across two ravines, on the slope of a hill pleasant, lightly loaded hardwood"

Chronography: If you describe or show an important moment in history.

"It was the afternoon. Pale forest had the sun in his last fire, and grief felt soft, the nightingale warbled her last goodbye

Prosopography: If he stops to describe the outward appearance of an animate or humans.

"Even now, with his tall, curly beard and well cut, and bright animated eyes and unlined skin, would be accepted by many women"

Etopeya: If you are the ethical aspects specifically those shown.

"Your life is like, on the go without rest, an evangelist of civility, which converts the huge drop in six decades saw crowds feeding, freeing slaves, avi-zorando distant, fascinating harvests of passion, scenting the strange and own store with precious sandalwood from the kindness and wit "

Guillermo León Valencia (Colombian)

Portrait: If you want to show the physical and the mental and spiritual.

"He came many years ago a village in the mountains. He arrived with the irritation that appears on top chagra to doctor. Provincial flower! He could not or would not complete college. Instead he learned to exploit the superficial advantage of talent and singleness. Without being adonis, washed Indian, half white boy, helped women to live. He lives club ... Exaggerated care clothing, the smell ... Like you, chullita. "

Jorge Icaza (Ecuador)

Parallel: If you compare two literary portraits.

"... Of the exiles, was that of an ignominious, having to leave for usurpation of flow management and the other was an honor, becoming attracted to have cut flights wicked men, plague of his own country and of a nobody did memory after his departure, and the Senate moved the other dress, made public mourning and decided that she would not bowl any business to have decreed the return of Cicero ... "" Parallel Lives "Plutarch.


Definition: A form of expression that deleted, added, repeat, reverse the words of the sentence or paragraph.


Asyndeton: means lifting the conjunctions of a sentence, verse, stanza or paragraph.

"Go, run, fly, high mountain passes, took the plain, no spur forgive, do not give peace to the iron hand shakes fulminant insane."

Conversion: figure that repeats a word or group of words at the end of the verse or clause.

"I hurt the hair and the yearning, Oh, burn! More, more, yes, yes, more! Burn me!

Reduplication: figure of speech that repeats the same thought or sentence, the same word not once but several times.

"So high, so high that it passed the roof of my house. If I could save it folds, or in the attic could be large ark "

Onomatopoeia: What mimics the sounds produced by real objects.

"The noise wheel so hoarse storm"

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