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1 Complete the words in the sentences.
1)sentence, 2) commit, 3) release, 4) serve, 5) report.
2 Fill in the correct phrasal verb. There is one extra phrasal verb that you do not need to use.
A carry out  B bring up      C carry on
D keep up    E get away     F bring back
1)F, 2) D, 3) A, 4) C, 5) B
3 Write one word in each space to complete the dialogue.
1)me, 2) ask, 3) true, 4) opinion, 5) see.
4 Complete the second sentence so that it has a similar meaning to the first. 
1) My dog wasn’t hit by a car, 2) He was seen going into the bank (by someone), 3) Mrs Bryant will be shown some photos by the police officer, 4) It is believed that Lord Radcliffe stole his wife’s jewellery / It is believed that Lord Radcliffe’s wife’s jewellery was stolen by him. 5) We are not allowed to use the computer, 6) Who was the crime solved by? / By whom was the crime solved, 7) The telephone must be fixed immediately, 8) The food is being prepared now (by them)
5 Complete the dialogue. 
1) could I, 2) isn’t it, 3) do I, 4) can you
9 Read the article and choose the correct headline.
1) B
10 Read the article again and mark the sentences true or false.
1) false, 2) true, 3) false, 4) true, 5) false
11 Read the two opinions. Decide who has the following opinions: Mary or Andrew.
1) Andrew, 2) Mary, 3) Andrew, 4) Andrew, 5) Mary, 6) Mary
12 Write your own opinion about the boy in the newspaper article. Use some of the following expressions:
In my opinion the boy is a thief, to enter a neighbor’s house and steal.
I have no doubt that your parents will be scolded a lot.
It seems likely that he did not do it alone.
I believe think your neighbors would have to put security.
It’s possible the kid may re-steal.

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