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the deck department is responsible for navigating the ship safely and economically from port to port. The master is an experienced navigator and usually works out the best course. The Second Officer is responsible to the Master for keeping the ship on course and for looking after all the equipment used for navigation. It is also the job of the deck department to see that the cargo is stowed properly in the holds and kept in good condition during the voyage. The stowage of cargo is the responsibility of the chief officer. He is helped by the second and third officers. In addition, when the ship is not fully loaded, the first mate must see that the holds are cleaned and prepared for their next cargo. In a tanker the cargo tanks are washed out during ballast passages and freed of gas. At sea, Much of the Deck Department time is spent maintaining the ship and her equipment in good condition. This means constant cleaning,painting and repair work. This is done by ratings under the supervision of the boatwain (Bosun). A programme the maintenance for each day is worked out by the chief officer. He also looks after the general day to day running of the department and deals with any problems.

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