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System Software
Manages the fundamental operations of the computer ex operating system, utilities, device drivers.
Operating system
It is a collection of computer programs that control the interaction between the user and the computer hardware.
It is when the computer is doing more than one process at the same time.
An operating system that links together two or more CPU to work in parallel in a single computer system.
Computer network
A collection of computers that are connected in order to communicate and share information.
Twisted-pair cables

Are cables that are twisted to avoid electromagnetic noises that will affect the closer wire more than the further one causing errors.
Unshielded twisted-pair cables
They are wrapped inside two plastic cover for mechanical protection.
Shielded twisted pair cables
Are similar to previus ones but except for that there is a metal foil cover that encases each pair of insulated wires.
Is a computer program that provides services to other computer programs.
-File server: A computer that stores and manages files for multiple users on a network.
-Web server computer: A computer dedicated to responding to request for web pages.
IP address
IP software deals with the routing of packets through the maze of interconnected networks to their final destruction.
-Phone modem:
It converts computer data into an analog audio signal for transfer over a telephone line, and them modem at the destinantion converts it again.
-Digital subscriber line: It uses a regular copper phone lines to transfer digital data and from the phone company’s central office.
-Cable modem: It uses the same line that cables of TV signals come into transfer the data back and forth

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