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GdB = 10 · log (Po / Pi) · GdB = 20 log (Vo / Vi) = dBw +30 dBm dB dBm dB?V = +108.8 dB dB dB?V = +138.8 dBw Noise: unwanted signal that accompanies a useful signal . External: radio emissions from other sources other than those who want to receive (galactic radio emission, noise of atmospheric origin, human origin). Internal: antenna and receiver elements are k (thermal, antenna, in semiconductors). Value carrier / noise: relationship between the level of carrier signal and the noise level at a point in the system. (Linear) C / N = Si / Ni. (dB) C / N = 10 · log (Si / Ni). Poor C / N ratio equals bad image on the screen where the noise is visible in the form of "snow." Signal to noise ratio (S / N): relationship between the level of baseband signal and noise level at a point the system (analog TV). BER: Bit error rate. Eb / No: r elation between energy of a bit i dl the noise. sensor signal system: Set of elements responsible for receiving broadcast signals from television and radio terrestrial and satellite broadcasts (antenna TV, FM and DAB radio, mast, towers, preamps). System of signal processing (team head): Set of elements in charge of bringing signals from radio and television sensor system (Amplifier, Mixers, Filters, Power supplies, attenuators, equalizers, modulators). Red d distribution: part of the installation deistribuir k is responsible for the TV signal that comes dl head ekipo users (retailers, distributors, banks step and takes user) Splitters: A device that distributes the signals from different outputs of your post. Derivatives: A device that follows part of the input signal to different outputs, letting the rest to other drifters. Takes Username: device where the user connects the terminal equipment to allow you to access TV services (making and final step d) Connector BNC: metal fitting used mainly by measurement equipment, such as the oscilloscope. Connector CIS accessory connection allows rapid connection of a coaxial cable to a device. Connector F: accessory connection that allows quick connection of a coaxial cable to a device. internal network user: serial, star.

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