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Only in attributive position we find:Adjectives related to adverbs(a hard worker)/Adjectives that are like intensifying or limiting/Adjectives related to nouns//adjectives which can only be predicative are:A-adjectives: they begin with the letter A(afraid alone alive)/Some health adjectives which express a temporary condition(ill poorly well)/Adjectives and past-participles with usually obligatory complementation.Postposition is obligatory when the adjective modifies a pronoun. Postpositive adjectives are commonly found together with superlative.Nominal adjectives:They have the following nominal characteristics: they are preceded by a determiner(usually the definite article the)/they can be modified by adjectives (the gallant French, the unfortunate poor).They have the following adjectival features:they are gradable (the very old, the extremely wealthy)/many can take comparative and superlative forms (the poorer, the poorest).There are different types of nominal adjectives:Certain adjectives are used to denote a class by describing one of the attributes of the class.Eg:the poor/With nationality adjectives ending in -sh, -ch, -ss, or -ese and referring to a generic plural we need to use article the and leave them in the singular: the French the British.However, not all nationalities have corresponding nominal adjectives. Nationality words which end in -an and a few others are both adjectives and nouns. To talk about the people from that country we need to add an -s to form the noun: the Germans the Russians.

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