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The old man you were talking me about, has died

Mozart, whose birthplace was Salzburg, lived in Vienna

He doesn´t want to use machines, wich makes work hard

The firm i work for is sending me to New York

Have you found the case that you loss yesterday?

Ane Boleyn, who was Henry VIll´s wife, was executed by him in 1536

The policeman, to whom you knocked his helmet off, is at the dar

The London train, which should have arrived at 2:30, is late


(indicate) I should have indicated that i was turning left

(Wash) Alex must have washed his car

see) Katy may not have seen us

(study) I should have sudied more

(do) yo couldn´t have done anything


complet)will have completed

Study)have been studing

Have // will

you/go)do you go

forget forgot

not vist)(come)don´t usually visit/// will come

work(not leave(finish are walking // won´t leave// have finished

not/eat(leave///not to eat/// had been left

meet(not/see)met///had not seen

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