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Person à who/that/whom;     Thingsà which/that,     Placesà where,    Time à when,    Possessionà whose (cuyos)

-To join two sentences that have an element in common.

Ex: I have a friend. He is intelligent à I have a friend who/that is intelligent.

EX: Ana lives upstairs. Her husband is tallàAna whose husband is tall live upstairs.


*To give info to make it clear that person thing or place we are talking.    *We can replace the pronoun by that.    *We can omit the pronoun if it isn´t the subject.nnnnEx: The man (who) I met yesterday is tall.

-NON DEFINING RELATIVE CLAUSES: (explicativas)   Ex: Angelina Jolie, who is an actress, lives in Hollywood.    *For adding extra info that isn´t essential to identify the person, thing, place.


-Oye, si sabes algo cuéntamelo o morirás pronto, Peping!

Opinion, size, shape, age, colour, origin, material, purpose/-ing + Noun

Ej: Amazing big wide old red Swedish leather climbing boots.

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