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What was God’s Motivation for creating the universe?
god creates all tings out of a perfectly free act of love in order to share in happiness with creatures and manifest his glory. Reason and Revelation agree God is the creator of the world time began when creation began All God creates is good God preserves and guides creation according to his Wisdom toward an then he has in mind.

Three of God’s Creative functions are preservation, providence, and divine governance. Explain What these terms mean.

Devine preservation refers To the continued existence and maintenance of created things example a sculptor Makes a statue the statue does not depend upon the sculptor for its depends on The material after it is made God’s creation depends Constantly on God

Divine providence God’s Plan for all creatures by which all Are led to the purpose of perfectionevery creature is led by grace and nature Toward the purpose for which it was created according to God’s plan God’s will Is full field to the extend that we seek and conform ourselves to he’s Plandevine governance gods to work off Keeping creation in order I task in which we are invited to participate we are Called to cooperate with God’s plan we have free will God does not impose he’s Will on us but ask us to conform to his will so that he’s plan may be Accomplished

What is the Difference between a person’s intrinsic good and his or her instrumental good? Which is more important? Why?

Every human is interest see clearly sacred Because he’s made in the image of God not because of what he or she processes Or can-do.That in strict good of an Individual is measured by his relationship with God Nor by he’s instrumental Good usefulness to society. To be created by God means these truths God is our Father we are made in his image and likeness human life is sacredinstrumental good means that you want Something from the goodness that you’re doing and industry good is you’re doing It and you’re not looking for anything for it.

What is grace?

Grace is Asherre in the life of God.If we failed to fulfill the role God has for Us we fail God as well as the other members of the mystical body baptism would You give a Sunday find grace we begin our live a poly mace it we are in a state Of grace God is actually present within us through Sacramento and regular Section of the Eucharistthe grace we Receive a baptism grossed the alternate goal for our life on earth is to become A saint where we can sharing God’s love internally us Tucson or daughter

What is the Threefold meaning of the communion of saints?

Come union of saint has a triple meaning it Express that unity among the saints in heaven the faithful on her and those Undergoing presentation in purgatory  it Refers to Holly things of the church the most important being the Eucharist by Which the unity of believers form one body in Jesus Christ  it refers to the community of Holly people Who are through their lives I’m suffering enough for Jesus Christ and the thus Bear fruit for all.

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