Organisms pure breeding for a specific trait is

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GENE:section of chromosomes(nucleatide sequence)that has informaton for a specific trait

GENOTYPE:total number ofgenes of an indivudial

PHENOTYPE:external manifestation(expression of the genotype seen in a individual)

HOMOLOGUS CHROMOSOMES:they are the pairs of chromosomes(one of the mother and other from the father)in diploid organism that contain genes from the same trait

LOCUS:the specific and distincite place tah each gene occupies on chromosomes this place never change

ALLELE:are the genes tha occupy the same position(locus) on a homologous chromosomes

HOMOZYGOTE:an individual with identical allels for a given in his/her homologous(PURE)

HETEROZYGOTE:an individual with different allels for a gene in his/her homologous(HYBRYD) 

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