What is the origin of ideas according to Plato

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On the possibility of Knowledge

  • Radical skepticism → We can't be really certain of anything we know. If you are skeptic About something, you doubt about it. The statement “nothing can be Known with certitude” is a proposition the radical skepticism Would have to consider to be true, so they would contradict Themselves because there would be at least one thing that we can Know for certain.

  • Dogmatism → A dogma is A statement that is cosidered true. If ideas are analysed our minds Will get to the appropate conclusions and discover the truth. Those Who don't think like dogmatics are wrong and live in error.

  • Criticism → Stans Between skepticism and dogamtism. We can get to know the truth but We can consider any proposition as untouchable. Criticism is Negative, it attacs dogmatism but is possitive, it calls to stop Skepticism.

On the origin of Knowledge

  • Empiricms → all our knowledge comes from sensory experience. When we are born our mind Is like a blanc page and we fiil it with information received Through senses. Empericism denies the existence of innate ideas ( Which are independent to the experinece).

  • Rationalism → Experience is not a source of knowledge. Reason is the source of Knowledge, it is only apprensible through intuition they are called Innate ideas.

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