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The president of the USA wanted to give an end to the war in a fair way. As a result, Germany was punished: they had to destroy the army, they lost colonies and territories and had to pay Allies a big amount of money.

Consequences of the Treaty:

Political parties in Germany radicalised. The left parties became communist, while the right parties created the Nazi party. Hitler did not accept the terms of the treaty and rearmed the Nation and promised to make germany great again.

Consequences of spanish Civil War:

Demographic --> Many people died in the war. Many people died due to illnesses or hunger.

Social --> People loyal to the Republic lost their jobs and had to exile. There was little food so there were ‘rationing cards’ as a result the black market emerged

Political --> All trade unions and political parties were prohibited, except for FALANGE// All autonomies were revoked. Spanish was the only official language All autonomies flags and languages were forbidden// Spain was a dictatorship. Franco named himself ‘EL CAUDILLO’. He was the head of the State and the government. Religious teaching was obligatory and the ‘glory of Spain as a Nation’ was studied in all schools.

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