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Sales Pol &Proc: Greetings: Thank you for choosing Carid... Closing: "Thank you for choosing CARID". Never opened: .Jar, .Exe, .Zip, .Rar   Cost Tool: The Manufacturer, Overall cost (Total), profit%, Overall weight, SKU number, where it is shipping from (town and state)... Payment Options: CC, DC, PAypal, Paypal Credit, wire transfer, check, money orders, prepaid CC, Gift certificates. We do not accept C.O.D (Or sent-in).   

Discount Guidelines: Do not offer discounts or gift cetificates before presenting the value added benefits: * Low prices (alreadydiscounted off of retail) * 1 year price match guarantee, * Technical support (24/7). * High Quality Products. * Shop Discounts are 5-10% dependinding on the item. *Military discounts are 5-10% depending on the item (military e-mail or ID number needed). Discount Policy: 3%-CARiD-MaxDisc, 5%-CARiD-MaxDisc, USMILITARYZ10. When Price issue service and knowledge, live agents 7 days per week, our 1 year price match guarantee, and 100´s of thousands of products. "Okay, I can try. Normally we don´t allow discounts on this item as it´s already on sale. Let me ask my Supervisor... I managed to get you a reduce price. Your new total is $$$ is there anything else you would likee to add to this order? (Use a discount as a tool to close a deal they are loosing). Price Matching: Under Z-Discount. M.A.P Pricing: Minimum Advertised Price. *Weathertech & AWE Tuning NO DISCOUNT or any COUPON. An Objection = An Oportunity. Steps to solve a problem: 1.Identify the problem, 2.Develop alternatives, 3.Select the best Alternative, 4.Implement, 5.Did the solution worked? Y(Done) or N.  Establish a Relationship with Client:understand their need, build rapport, credibility and trust. Determine/ Relate their need.Determine their interest of level. Be an advocate and consultant. Closing the Sale: Negotiation, Observance, Agreement, Commitment, Trust, Pledge, Responsability, Loyalty. Types of Closes (K.I.S.S) "Keep it Simple Salesperson". The "Assumptive Close" a Rep answers a client´s question, and then asks a closing question. Rep: Absolutely, it comes with a 3 year warranty, which is great for you! Where would you like us to ship this? Or "Is there anything else you would like to add to this order? The "Choice close" is where you give the client options on a product."would you like the gray mats or the tan ones?, Which do you prefer, black powder coat or stainless steel?

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