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I've have been thinking these days in my future. I do not know what can I do when I am older, but I would like be a teacher. I think it is the best job in the world. Helping people everyday and moreover don't stop learning all the time. The world will be fixed by professors, I'm sure. If I had thought this before, I would have started with my studies a long time ago. My friends, that never agree with me, don't want to know anything about teachers. But I don't mind. /// In This last year, my parents have commented me that if I want to be something in life I should study harder. I should work hard every day. Books and me have never been good friends. Ilike books full of adventures. But, from now on, I'm willing to read all that falls my hands. I will learn all I can. /// But it would be good stop dreaming right now. What I have to do now is to pass my exams. Dreams which aren't cheap are my favourites.

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