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2.3. PHASES OF THE REVOLUTION the French revolution marked the Arrival of liberalism. Between 1789-1799 different ways of organizing the State were put into practice: ---the constitutional Monarchy (1789-1792). A section of the bourgeoisie hoped to reach an Agreement with the king and the privileged sector. It aimed to remove the Ancien Regime and impose moderate liberalism. ---The democratic republic (1792-1794). The radical bourgeoisie and The popular sectors proclaimed the republic. These groups attempted to make Society democratic (universal male suffrage and social laws). ---The bourgeoisie republic (1794-1799) The moderate bourgeoisie gained power again in order to subdue the more Radical political groups.

2.4. CONSTITUTIONAL MONARCHY (1789-1792) the new constituent national Assembly aimed to build a constitutional and parliamentary monarchy. It Decreed the abolition of feudalism and Approved the declaration of the rights Of man and of the citizens. Its principles were based on man’s right to Liberty, equality and property. The assembly drew up a constitution (1791) which included the separation of powers, National sovereignty and equality before the law. The king, however, was Still able to veto laws. Census Suffrage was also introduced.  Once The constitution was approved, a legislative Assembly was formed. It created a new army (the national guard) and took further steps to ensure the equality Of citizens. Church property was nationalized but the state promised to fund The practice of Catholicism. A civil Constitution of the clergy separated the church and state.

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