Oxyacetylene welding

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Oxyacetylene welding: used for melting d heat from a flame produced by combustion d two gases, one cmo fuel acetylene and other oxidizing, oxygen.
In an oxyacetylene flame can dstinguir 3 parts:
Dardo, reducing zone and plume. Gas fuels: hydrogen, methane, propane, butane, ethylene and acetylene. Ekipo oxyacetylene torch d: is the same as the d q oxyfuel, it just changes q coupling the welding rod or spear d. Properties d the flames: high temperature, high velocity d propagation, high heat output, minimum reaction base metals kimika cn ls d contribution. Types d flames: flame fuel neutral flame, oxidizing flame.

Flame fuel: occurs when the oxygen and acetylene mixture d there is an excess d latter is inadequate for welding steel and copper, weak fuel flame used for welding cast iron, aluminum, lead and zinc alloys d; strong fuel flame d is used for hardening cn stellite welding. Call welding neutral d: for this call is part cnseguir d flame fuel and oxygen increases the proportion d or d is decreased acetylene welding is used for all types d d steel and copper . Continued on other xulet.

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