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Ozonosfera or the ozone layer the Earth's atmosphere is a layer of gas, ozone in high concentrations. This layer of the sun's high frequency ultraviolet light is absorbed by the 97%-99a, whose life on the planet could damage. This layer estratosferan is between 15 and 35 km, all around the planet.

Energy of large amounts of oxygen, ozone is created when molecules into contact, the atoms are oxygen molecules react divided unique. By means of a catalyst to facilitate the reaction of the ozone molecules are generated. This gas is very unstable and the third oxygen atom is typically a few seconds to escape when they pass. Ozone is very weak and chlorine gas or other substances emitted into the atmosphere as a result of human activities will react to damage. As can be seen in recent years, the ozone layer has been mehetu, and also noticed a large hole in the Antarctic front. It seems that the loss of the ozone layer of the aircraft and supersonikoek CFCs cause the subjects. Aerosoles, these substances are used in conditioners and refrigerators

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