A painter painted our house last month

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1)You didn´t water the flowers, so they died.//If you had watered the flowers, they wouldn´t have died.

If Sam doesn´t help, I won´t complete the project.// Werless Sam heps, I won´t complete the project.

I can´t take much exercise becaurse I don´t have enough free time.// If I had enough free time, I could take more exercise

She is very shy, that´s why she doesn´t enjoy parties.// If she enjoyed parties, she would be very shy.

2)I will finish the essay tomorrow.// The essay will be finished tomorrow.

They are informing the president about the incident right now.//The president is being informed about the incident right now.

Jk Roling didn´t write this book.//This book wasn´t written by JK Roling,

We have sent the invitation to everybody.//The invitation had has sent to everybody.

3)A person cleaned our windows yesterday.//We had our windows cleaned yesterday.

A photographer is going to take the photo of their graduation.//They are going to have the photo of their graduation taken.

The option tests my eyes every year.//I have my eyes tested every year.

A painter should paint the front door of my house.//I should have the front door of my house painted.

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