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Taste: I think I might have tasted soy dishes before / Diet: We will try to include more vitamins and minerals in our diet / Vegetarian: Since my sister became a vegetarian, she has been feeling much better / Otherwise: You have to drink plenty of water, otherwise you’ll get dehydrated / Delicious: A little bit of hot sauce will probably make this soup even more delicious / End up: The coopers usually end up eating takeout or fast food / Frozen: Some people prefer to keep frozen vegetables, because they´re more practical / Takeout: I´m sure you´ll love the Chinese takeout I ordered/ Lack of: The lack of meat in your diet will cause you health problems one day /Recipe: Some molecular gastronomy recipes are quite complicated to follow/ Ingredients: Jennifer won´t be able to find all the ingredients needed fot the cake/ Eat out: There´s no gas in my house, so I guess we will eat out./ Unhealthy/ Anyway/ Method/ Mainly/ Flavor/ Groceries/ Dislike/ Admit.

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