Palladio and Bramante

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qe escribio ARCHITECTURE treaties and the perfect ratio of cuerpos.Fue reqerido by the Holy See to the work of the basilica of St. Peter's, this project was amended by Michelangelo most important work is the shrine of St. Pietro in Montorio.Palladio: qe arqitecto work mainly in Vicenza, a center veneciano.fue Renaissance scholar of classical antiquity, assimilating the concepts and adapting them to their language arqitectonico.en 1570 wrote the four books whose influence later ARCHITECTURE will be central to the history of this disciplina.construyo buildings both civil and religious character as the Church of Redeemer The villa capra il and the Teatro Olimpico. the latter could not finish it and I run arqitecto Scamozzi d palladio according to the project.

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