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Analogies between electric and hydrulic circuits

If there is a difference of level of water in both deposits (difference of gravitional potencial) there would be in flow of water in the pipe might make rotate the turbine

By pressure: some materials when exerted pressure develop a voltage in their cifres and viceversa

By heating two different materials, these appears a voltage in the edges

By electromagnetic effect: when a coil of copper rotates inside a magnetic field, these appears in the edges of the coil a voltage which charges in direction and in magnitude.

Direct current

Is the type in which both the voltage and the polarity is constant along the time

Alternating current

The vale of the voltage land consecuently the intensity changes cydically in value and direction / T=Period (Time need to make a cycle) / F= frequenzy (number of cycles per period) / (T=1/F)

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There would be a flow of water in the pipe that would make rotate the turbine. To keep the turbine rotating there should be difference of level and to keep it that way we might need to pump water train the lower to the upper level

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If there is a difference of electric potential difference of level of positive and negative charges, there would be a flow of electrons through the wire that might light the hamp. To keep the lampon all the time, there should be that difference of electric potential that can be done with a generator

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