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MIGUEL HERNANDEZ Orihuela, Alicante dies. Poet and playwright. Generation of '36. From humble family dedicated to raising cattle. He travels to Madrid 2 times, Civil War, imprisonment and death Granada.Poeta FEDERICO GARCIA LORCA, playwright and prose writer, Generation of '27. It is the poet of mauor influence and popularity of Spanish literature from Sligo 20. Affinity to the Popular Front and is openly gay. Frustration, SYMBOLS, DEATH 3 amores Pablo Neruda, is identified with the sea (waves, internal movement of his poems), obsesion x objects that appear as characters in his works, Ambassador, were presented to the presidency (Chilean), travels muxo , Latin American literature popularized x the world ... Simplicity, Sociocultural, Nature, Sea Pedro Paramo !!!!!!! Pedro Paramo, Juan Preciado, Abundio Martinez, Dolores Preciado, Hedwig, Susana San Juan (eternal love pedro paramo) Migue Paramo ( "worthy" son of Pedro Paramo), Father Renteria, Dorothea (the woman with whom John shares the grave ), Damiana Cisneros (informant), Dalmasio "Tilcuate (PP maton, false revolutionary) Fulgor Sedano (DB Administrator) Justina Diaz (nana de Susana San Juan) Gerardo Trulillo (lawyer PP)

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