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Modernism: (1910-1945). Now remote, since the literary period it refers to what is thought to be ended in the late 1930's or the early 1940's.It does not refer to the qualities of a work of art, but it simply suggests a break with the past.It is a period of fludity, of questioning and experimentation and also,it is a time of disillusionment and even cynicism. A period where the effects of the war (European intellectual influences, what literature was and in which it was to be judged, civil rights, development of TV, women's liberation movement) made a distinction btw poets: 1.Poets who kept pretty close to Emerson, Thoreau and Whitman. 2.Poets who engaged European.And has a consequence of the advance in technology and the industrialization. Imagism: It was a movement in early 20th century Anglo-American poetry that favoured precision of imagery and clear, sharp language. It has been described as one of the most influential movement in English poetry. Imagism is a succession of creative moments where imagists thought of an image as a complete poem. One of the imagist poets was Amy Lowell. Confessional poetry: or Confessionalism is a style of poetry that emerged in the United States during the 1950s. It is described as poetry''of the personal'', focusing on extreme moments of individual experience (as a poetic symbol), the psyche and personal trauma, including previously taboo matter such as mental illness, sexuality and suicide, often set in relation to broader social themes. It is sometimes also classified as Postmodernism. Independent writers working along similar lines at more or less the same time expressing personality, not scaping from it (strives for personalization rather than for universalisation). Thus, poetry written in open forms. It is highly subjective with emotional contents (personal rather than impersonal), although, often narrative. Employs irony and understatement for detachment and uses a love relationship with the father figure.

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