Parents should set rules for their teenage children

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Should Parents Get Involved In Their Teenage Children’s Love Life?

From my point of view, parents Shouldn’t be involved in the love relationships of their children.

As a result, parents should Turn a blind eye on the relationship as it is the personal lives of their Children. But, if the daughter or son Has a problem, parents will have to get involved to support their children.

In my case, my parents who known my girlfriend, considerer her As a member of the family because she gets along with them. But they didn’t Know her until I was in love with her due to my shyness. I didn’t want them to Get involved because I didn’t know how to behave. In general, parents want to Know whether girlfriends are reliable. My Life is known by my parents but about my love relationships I’m more reserved. Apart from that, when you have a girlfriend or boyfriend usually you gain Weight because of the unhealthy food because we go around at the weekends.

To sum up, our parents want Our well-being (which) they have Given us for all our life.

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