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NEOLIBERAL (freedom of markets)

  • Defends total economic liberalisation/freedom: the economy should be regulated only by market forces (law of supply and demand) and that the governmental intervention should be minimum. The government should only put laws to guarantee the free market.

  • Minimum public expenditure (ex. No public education and healthcare) (“that is a way to waste our money, and instead of paying taxes they should pay the scholarships”)

  • Less taxes, to get more benefits

  • Privatisation of public companies (prefer private system of services (infrastructures, etc…)


KEYNESIAN IDEOLOGIES (believes in governmental intervention)

  • Defends that the State has to intervent to economy, etc… to correct the problems of capitalism (social inequality)

1- Establishment of minimum wage

2- Dismissal compensation, means that if they fire you from your job without a reason the company has to give you money

3- Retirement pensions

4- Subsides (economic help or way to promote an economic sector) for certain companies/products (ex. Promote agriculture advantages)

5- Charge special taxes for certain products (tobacco+taxes)

  • Promotes greater public expenditure to protect the poorer people (ex. Public education+healthcare)

  • More taxes

  • Defend the existence of public companies

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