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The causative: Get+algo+3ªcolumna

Futuro.P.Simple: Sujeto+ will have + 3ªcolumna

Futuro continuo: Sujeto+will be/won’t Be+ing 

Reported speech

I live in a big houseàHe said that he lived in a big house.

I’m doing my homeworkàhe said that he was doing his homework

I saw them at the party(2ª)àshe said that she had seen them…(3ª)

We’ve been to the beachàThey said they had been to the beach.(3ª)

He has been doing the homeworkàhe said he had been doing the homework (3ª+ing)

Where do you live?, she saidàShe asked where I lived(3ª con had o pasado)

Can I open The window?, the boy said à The boy asked if he could open… 

Canàcould  Willàwould  Must/Have Toàhad to  Be going Toàwas/were going to 

Activa y pasiva

He buys these carsàThese cars are bought by him. /  He Bought these carsà were bought. /  Has boughtàhave been bough. /Will buyàwill be bought.  / Is going to buyàare going to be bought 

Sueño: I wish I could go to university, Enjoy it, and that I can work as lawyer. Also I wish go to Dubai to parachute. Other dream is that my family alive for a long time and enjoy them.
Transporte: Ventajas: You save money on gas. Also you Pollute less./ You can go wherever you want and you can use your vehicle Anytime. Desventajas: Take longer to Get to your destination and some trips are very expensive./ You have top pay For your vehicle and you pollute more than in public transport.

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