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GRAMMAR 1)- 1Was Written 2-Are created 3-Has been stolen 4- is being renovated 5-werent 6- will be criticised.

2)1-People are influenced . 2-Something should be done. 3- was spent. . 4-will be announced 5- cant have been marketed . 6-Everything had been taken

3-) 1-We were asked . 2-They havent been told . 3- are going to be paid . 4-Why werent you given ? 5-will be shown

4-) 1- Have had ..... Cut. 2-Are having ...Painted. 3-Had .... Repaired. 4-Have cheked 5-To have .... Renewed. 6-Have.....Cleaned

5-) 1-Are treated 2-Is studied 3-Be manipulated 4-Are targeted 5-Increase 6-Affects 7-Cause 8-Take 9-be done 10-to be protected 11-remain 12-join 13-has become 14- are being encouraged

VOCABULARY 1-) 1Bombarded with ads. 2-Herd instict 3-Designer label. 4-Advertising 5-Peer pressure. 6-Ban. 

2-) 1-Deception 2 influence 3Persuasion 4Encourage

3-)1-Drove 2-Persuaded 3-Led 4-Get 5-Induce 6-Encouraging  5- 1B 2E 3C 4F 5D 6A

6 1-Designer-Label 2-Persuading 3-Look around 4-Pay in instalments 5-Manipulation 6-Bombarded by ads

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