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Present simple I make a cake. - A cake is made (by me).

Present continuous I make a Cake. - A cake is being made (by me).

Past simple I made a Cake. - A cake was made (by me).

Past continuous I was Making a cake. - A cake was made (by me).

Present perfect I have Made a cake. - A cake has been made (by me).

Pres. Perf. Continuous I have been making a cake. - A cake has been being Made (by me).

Past perfect I had Made a cake. - A cake had been made (by me).

Future simple I will Make a cake. - A cake will be made (by me).

Future perfect I will Have made a cake. - A cake will have been made (by me)

People: Someone, Anyone, Nobody

Places: Somewhere, Anywhere, Nowhere

Things: Something, Anything, Nothing

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