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The Passive voice:be+past participle. Present simple:Active:They Make lots of electronic devices in Korea.Passive:Lots of electronic devices are Made in Korea.Present continuous: Active:They Are building a new airport.Passive:A new airport is being built.Past simple: Active: They delivered the Furniture yesterday.Passive:The furniture was delivered yesterday.Present perfect:Active:Somebody has Stolen my phone.Passive:My phone has been stolen.Past perfect:Active:They had arrested the thief before he even went Into the bank.Passive:The thief had been arrested before he even went into the Bank.Future:Active:They will find New ways of recycling waste.Passive: New ways of recycling waste will be found.Conditional:Active:They would recycle Mobile phones if it weren’t so expensive.Passive:Mobile phones would be Recycled if it weren’t so expensive

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