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Rewrite the following sentence in passive voice.  John gave me a bunch of flowers on my birthday.I was given a bunch of flowers on my birthday by John.Choose the sentences written incorrectly in the passive voice.
1)I was eaten an ice cream.2)The song was sung by a singer.3)I was deceived by the TV program.4)The concert was finished at 12 p.M.5)He was written a novel.6)The tennis match was aired on TV7)He was treated kindly.
8)I have been managed a company since 2004.1) I ate an ice cream5) He wrote a novel.8) I have managed a company since 2004.Write the appropriate comparative or superlative form of the word cold in each blank.
Yesterday was a cold day. Today is colder than yesterday. Tomorrow will be the coldest day yet.Which of the following sentences is incorrect?1)Mary is shorter than Jane.2)The moon is more closer to the earth than the sun.
3)I have the best score on the exam.Fill in the blanks.1)My friend has a pretty purse, but I have a  prettier one.2)The best weather is yet to come!3)Today's sunshine is morebeautiful than yesterday's.Fill in the blanks with the correct form of the verb given.1)He HAS EXERCISED (exercise) hard since last year.2)I HAVE STUDIED (study) math as my major since high school.Fill in the blanks with appropriate verb forms.1)I  SANG  a song at the concert yesterday.2)He  WILL WRITE   a letter to his girlfriend tomorrow.3)I  WILL GO  to the library to borrow some books this weekend.

Fill in the blanks.1)I decided to leave(leave) the job. 2)She pretended to know(know) me. 3)He desires to be(be) a professor.4)The company considered selling(sell) its main building. 
5)I expect   to win(win) at this game. 6)Do you enjoy  taking (take) care of your pet?7)She hopes  to go (go) on a vacation. 8)Did you fail  to pass (pass) the exam? 9)They want me to take(take) this position. 
10)It is great to hear(hear) that they agreed to share (share) the land. Fill in the blanks.1)I enjoy  drawing(draw) as a hobby.
2)She likes  buying (buy) clothes.3)Children are fond of  playing  (play) with water.4) dancing   (dance) is my favorite thing to do5)I am upset at his  breaking (break) the rule.Choose the incorrect sentence from the following.3)She have been eating a lot recently. ( HAS)Using the following sentence and create three more sentences using the present, past, and future progressive tenses.I sing a song on the big stage.I am singing a song on the big stage.I was singing a song on the big stage.I will be singing a song on the big stage.Write the correct form of the verb given.1)I insist that Jennifer finish(finish) her meal.2)She suggests that the office be (be) closed today.3)If I were (be) you, I would win the game4)I wish I could(can) fly.Choose the correct sentence from the following.3)If Jack were 17 years old, he would apply for the university.1) I wish I would be able to buy this ca2) It was recommended that the company closed its foreign offices.4) Our manager insists that the group be reorganized. 

Choose all of the non-count nouns in the following list:wine, , water, wind, milk,, furniture, cup, rice,  woodFill in the blanks using an appropriate auxiliary verb.1)I  SHOULD leave now. It is too late.2)You   SHOULD  have seen him. His dance was amazing. 3)  SHALL we have lunch together? 4)I   WOULD like a cup of tea, please. 5)  SHOULD  we read the email? Choose the right word for each blank.1)She ( must) have practiced a lot. Her performance was amazing. 2)I can’t find my watch anywhere. I  ( might,) have lost it. 3)Professor,  may) I ask a question? 4) could) you please lower your voice? 5)You  must) be kidding! How is that possible? 6)I can, speak both English and Chinese fluently.Choose a correct preposition in the sentence.1)I want to lose 5 kilogram  in) one month. 2)Could you get me this pants in) a larger size? 3)She seems to be interested  in) Psychology. 4)I will come to pick you up at, ) 2 pm tomorrow. 5)This class will be held  (on, Mondays.Choose the correct preposition in each sentence.1)If she left at 4 p.M., she should be here  by) now.2)Go over,  there and catch my ball. 3)(WiTH your determination, you will be able to achieve your dream. 4)I just found it! It was , by) the radio on my desk. 5)I knocked him over, accidentally. 6)She was  (with, me when the accident occurred.Choose the correct preposition in each sentence.1)I slept , for) only two hours last night.2)It was my first trip , to,  Hawaii.3)Turn off the TV and go straight, to,  bed.4)This book was written for) the people who want to learn how to play a guitar.5)I was late  for) school.6)Spencer is one (of,  my best friends.

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