Passive voice schema

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Question tags:

-positive sentences-negative question
ex:He is a teacher,isn´t he?
-negative sentence-positive question
ex:you didn´t pass your exams, did you?
*positive sentences + negative semtemces
°verb to be (am/is/are)
 -she is beautiful, isn´t she?
 -you are happy, aren´t you?
 -I am tired, aren´t I?
°present simple (do/does) 
 -you speak english, don´t you?
 -she lives near, doesn´t she?
 °simple past verb to be (was/were)
  -she was beautiful, wasn´t she?
  -you were happy, weren´t you?
°simple past (did)
 -you spoke english didn´t you?
 -she lived near, didn´t she?
1-device:artefacto/aparato             7-Customey:cliente
2-research:investigacion                 8-Knowledge:conocimiento
3-Fair:ferias                                     9-Earl:conde
5-Root:raiz                                     10-Batch:lote
6-Stall:puesto                                 11-Sap:savia
1-When do we use "Question tags"?
-we use it to confirm the information

2-When do we use passive voice?
-we use passive voice to give more importance to the action being performed not the subject

3-Who discovered the gravity?
-Isaac Newton
4-Who discovered the penicillin?
-Alexander Fleming

5-Who discovered the electricity?
-benjamin frankling

6-What is the definition of "discovery"?
-the act of finding something out

7-What is the definition of "invention"?
-to create with the imagination.

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