Past continuous without specifing moment

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Present Simple/Present Continuous

Present Simple


-Don’t/doesn’t Play

    ?   Do you.../Does she…

Adverbs of frequency

Always/Usually/Often/Sometimes/Occasionally/Hardly Ever/Never

Frequence Expressions: Every day,Every year, Once a week…

Stative verbs: To be,Like,Love,Hate,Dislike


-Have got

Present Continuous

+Am/Is/Are- playing

-Am not/isn’t/aren’t- playing

  ?   Are you...Are she is… Yes,I am/ No, I’m not

Expressions: Look!,Listen! At the moment,now.. Future plans: next summer, tomorrow


Some: C/U. Affirmative and Interrogative (Offers, requests…)

Any: U/C. Negative And Interrogative

-A/An: Countable. Affirmative, Negative and Interrogative

Example: A Table, a euro, a university, an apple…

Indefinite pronouns

-Thing:cosa     -Body:persona      -Where: lugar

    Some+ ? Offers/ requests

Someone/Somebody: Alguien

Something: Algo

Somewhere: Algún lugar

   Any- ?

Anyone/Anybody: Nadie/Alguien

Anything: Nada/Algo

Anywhere: Ningún lugar/Algún lugar

NoØ Nada

Nobody/No one: Nadie

Nothing: Nada

Nowhere: Ningún lugar

Every+ - ? (Todo)

Everyone/Everybody: Todos

Everything: Todo

Everywhere:Todos Los lugares

Past Simple                         Present Perfect

+ Reg: -ed                              + Have/has+Past Participle : reg -ed

Irreg: 2nd Column                   Irreg: 3rd column

-Didn’t + infinitive                  - Haven’t/hasn’t+Past Participle : reg -ed

Irreg: 2nd Column                   Irreg: 3rd column

?Did+subject+infinitive         Have/has+subject+Past Participle: reg -ed

                                               Irreg: 3rd column

USE                                        USE


-FOR/Since-> Present Perfect

-Yesterday                             -Ø Nada

-From_to_                               -This...Week,morning,month...

-In 2016                                  -Ever(alguna Vez)

-On 4th April 2016                 ex: Have you ever been to París?

-AGO                                     -Still(aún),Already(ya),Just,Yet

-When I…                              -Today

-FOR                                      -In Your life


Comparative                        Superlative

+Short +ER(than)                  the -EST

1sylSmaller/Bigger               the smallest

2syl -y- Happier/Nicer           the happiest

LongMore_(than                     the Most

+2 Syl More intelligent           the most Intelligent


Good Better                           the best

Bad Worse                            the worst                               

Far Farther/Further                 the farthest/furthest


Ex: This Girl is as intelligent as her brother

Comparative(menos Que) Superlative(menos)

- Less+Adjective(than)          the least+Adjective

Less intelligent (than)            the least intelligent

Relative pronouns





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