Past continuous without specifing moment

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Present simple: +play,plays/-don't play,doesn't play/

?Do you play,does she play?(like,know,think,often,dislike.
Present continuous: +am,are,is playing/ -am not,isn't,
aren't playing/ ?Are you playing?(now,look!Listen!,today
at the moment, next, tomorrow, this, tonight) 
Past simple: +R: -ed, IR: 2nd column./- didn't play./
?Did you go?(last, yesterday, from__to__, in 2009, ago,
than, when, for, then, was younguer, on 3 may 2016)
Present perfect: +have, has + past participle: R>-ed
IRR> 3rd column./ - haven't, hasn't i p.Participle./
? Have you broken?<-(3rd column el verbo.)/(for,since
this, ever, still, yet, just, already.//  gggggggggggg
A/AN  + - ? C // Some + C, I // Any - ? C, I // Much
- ? I // Many - ? C // A lot of + C, I // Adverbs of freq:
*Delante del verbo: I have # got pets. * Detrás del
verbo to be: I am # sad. // Comparativ.Superlative:
= As gggg as. /-(C)less ggggg than.(S)the least ggg.
+(C) 1syl, ___-er than. (S)1syl, the ___-est.  Ggggggg
+(C) 3syl, more___than(S),3syl, the most. Gggggggg
Relative pronouns: who,when,where,which. (people,
tiempom lugar, cosas.) ej: We had a long meeting.
It was really boring.  (El it se quita i se pone which).
ej: I know yout sister.She lives near the school. 
(se quita she i se pone who.)**(Past simple: verb 2ª.)

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